Vaporware 2008: A Call for Submissions

Wired: "Among the scents of fresh pine garlands, pumpkin pie, mulling spices and roast turducken filling your home this holiday season, you may catch a whiff of that old familiar vapor.

Yes, that special time of year has come again. We are officially accepting nominees for the annual Vaporware awards, our yearly showcase of the products pitched, promised and hyped, but never delivered."

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e3kehoe3699d ago

do people really still care about DUKE anyway? I just don't see why people would want it now. There are WAY better games out there.

Panthers3699d ago

i know i dont and the game looks like garbage.

beavis4play3699d ago

i'll vote for alan wake to just edge out home. both were promised but AW has been lingering longer and home is making it out in beta form by end of the year.

SL1M DADDY3699d ago (Edited 3699d ago )

So this site considers any game that is delayed Vaporware? Sorry, but I say a game announced years ago and that has completely fallen off the map is more along the lines of Vaporware. A single year delay does not constitute Vaporware.

So to that, I have to submit the console version of Huxley.

beavis4play3699d ago

i couldn't pick between AW and Huxley. they both deserve the #1 spot.

hey, what ever happened to huxley?

gamerdude113699d ago

MS made a big deal about their exclusive GTA dlc. It was promised for the fall of 2008

Excalibur3699d ago

Seems to forget that MGS4 was announce over 3 years ago and made it out.

Duke Nukem should be the only game folks are talking about.

beavis4play3699d ago

i think you are confused as to what criteria justifies the title "vaporware".

Excalibur3698d ago (Edited 3698d ago )

It's all there in the article.
It's even dated for you, ya just hafta read it.

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