Dragon Ball Z Kakarot, FighterZ, & Xenoverse 2 Listed for Xbox Series X|S, No Mention of PS5

Bandai Namco has tagged a few Dragon Ball games with the Xbox Series X|S logos though not the PS5! Could this mean native ports are incoming?

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Sonyslave362d ago (Edited 62d ago )

nope most likely Bc upgrades, their been a few games that upgrade the X/S version because it easier and really take no work what so ever vs on the ps5 having to do a native next gen port.

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excaliburps62d ago

Yep, or part of FPS Boost thing?

Yi-Long62d ago

Really hoping these will be 'ultimate'/complete editions, so including all DLC.

I have the base-game for FighterZ, but with so many fighters this gen, seeing half the roster greyed out because it's expensive DLC made me stop playing the game completely.

Also never picked up Kakarot because of the DLC, but would definitely buy a next-gen re-release if it has all the content included.

xander7076956d ago

Me too. I’ve been waiting for a complete edition of Xenoverse 2 for ages.