Joe Biden Replaces Donald Trump in Microsoft Flight Simulator Washington Add-On

Some Microsoft Flight Simulator add-on developers love details, and they keep up to date with real events, including Presidential elections.

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AmUnRa62d ago (Edited 62d ago )

I spilled my coffee reading that, that was great😂

RazzerRedux62d ago

Does this mean Abriael is a member of the paparazzi now?


sourOG62d ago

“ if you manage the challenging feat of landing a light plane on the White House’s lawn (I guarantee it can be done. Just check out the video)”
Lmao I’d like to see a plane try to get anywhere near the whitehouse.

Abriael62d ago (Edited 62d ago )

Not a plane, but almost 😂

sourOG62d ago

Lmao I’m surprised even for pre-911.

Christopher62d ago (Edited 62d ago )

Only possible in the game because they don't have the wrought iron fence that is normally there. They'd have to try and crash through it or come in too high before they could stop in real life. It got even taller in 2019.

Abriael62d ago

Haha, it can actually be very possible depending on the wind. An aircraft like this can land at an extremely slow ground speed and nearly vertically with a decent headwind. I only made it harder for myself by using real-time weather and had a tailwind :D

That being said, it is true that the simulator doesn't have the F-22 that would scramble to shoot you down before you get even close :D

Christopher62d ago (Edited 62d ago )

There is no wind in that area that would do it. With the many surrounding buildings and the purposeful treelines at that elevation, it doesn't create that. Wind would also be blowing towards the white house grounds shown from the Potomac River, meaning you'd have to perform your maneuver on the much smaller front grounds or land after flying over the White House.

Not very possible. Designed the way it is on purpose.

Abriael61d ago

@Elwenil: I don't think crashing counts as landing haha :D

Christopher59d ago

@Elwenil: he crashed and they made changes since then to make it even harder. As I pointed out in my first comment, they even increased the height of the fences in 2019.

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ZombieGamerMan61d ago

Just put a picture of loli on the plane and Sleepy Joe would greet them on the lawn with arms wide open, and nostril ready to sniff

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