What Do Some Japanese Commenters Think Of Faith From Mirror's Edge?

Kotaku writes:

"Yes. This. Again. We posted a fan-made reworking of Mirror's Edge protagonist, Faith. The character was designed by Westerners, and the fan-made image was not. There were obvious differences in aesthetics.

Japanese game site Game*Spark has covered the controversy, pointing out that the Kotaku comment thread was 500 plus comments strong and even going as far to translate some of YOUR comments. (Before shooting one's mouth off in the comments section, remember that lots of people read Kotaku!)

What's more, Game*Spark translated the "12 year-old boob job" comments EA's Tom Farrer made to Stephen Totilo at game blog Multiplayer."

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GUNS N SWORDS3695d ago (Edited 3695d ago )

they did a nice job of changing her face and giving her breasts, i think i like this new game character they just made :)

i really do like mirror's edge, and i think I'm gonna pick it up some time soon, but i think if they would have made an optional 3rd person camera view and made the changes that i see in this pick, i would have been enticed even further :)

ShinFuYux3695d ago

Japanese want their women to look cute.

Americans want their women to look sexy.

So, when we draw a normal looking asian. Americans think "she's too skinny and flat", Asians think "She's too serious and old".

So, of course, everyone is going to hate.

NaiNaiNai3695d ago

heck i like em both, but that picture uptop of her is so photoshoped, i know a real asian artist could do so much better.

cactuschef3694d ago

Those damn fake asian artists always messing up art that real asian artists should be making.

PirateThom3694d ago

(Before shooting one's mouth off in the comments section, remember that lots of people read Kotaku!)

Yeah, sure they do.

Citizen Cook3694d ago

Their eyes or minds are clearly inferior to western people. But why?
God created us all equel, so what went wrong?
How to this mutation develop? I really feel bad for them because they are missing out on some anazing FP perspective games life Half-Life2, Bioshook, and Mirror's Edge.

So sad.