10 Rarest Consoles In The World

From Xfire: "Nowadays, most gamers are worried about finding a PlayStation 5 or an Xbox Series X at retail due to the global shortages, but there are plenty of consoles throughout the long history of video games that are - and were - much harder to get. For collectors, these are holy grails and many of the rarest console models can fetch high prices on the aftermarket.

We'll take a look at some of the rarest and most valuable video game consoles, ranging from one-off curios through prototypes to special editions."

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Tetsujin59d ago

I remember owning the Sega CDX back then. I also want to smash in the face the asshole who "borrowed it" for his Original Xbox only to never be seen again.

darthv7259d ago

The 20th anniversary PS4 and the 500 million Pro are two on my most wanted list.

The CDX isnt exactly rare, you can find them but it will cost you. Rare should mean hard to find or even one of a kind, expensive is not the same as rare. I had the CDX and I still have a JVC Xeye, now that is also in the same club as the CDX (being $$$ and desirable) but what beats them both is the Pioneer CLD-A100 LaserActive. That is both $$$ and rare, especially a working one.

Neonridr59d ago

I have my 500 million Pro in my son's room now that I have my PS5. I toyed with the idea of selling it as even used (it's in fantastic shape still) it can fetch a pretty penny. But I'll probably keep it since it's a little more special being limited to 50,000 and having it's own unique number.

azzkikr850259d ago

ive got both the 20yr and 500million. also have a few other pros which arent as rare. dont dare to open any of them lol

Knushwood Butt59d ago

Not as rare but I have an unopened Death Stranding limited Pro.

darthv7259d ago

There is a guy local to me that has one for $650 and Im very tempted to jump on it. As it is, I do love collecting the variants. I'm on so you can see the ones I have and the ones on my wish list: https://consolevariations.c...

Neonridr59d ago

@azzkikr8502 - too late, I used the 500 million to replace my OG PS4 Pro. But I take care of all my hardware.

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chicagOriginal59d ago

Even more rare than the PS 20year/500mill is the Taco Bell PS4 that only had about 6k produced, i believe.

darthv7259d ago

I have that one and the two One X editions (Platinum and Eclipse). In reality, the real rare Taco bell variant is the XB360 one. I think only 5 were made and a buddy of mine has one of them. I love the purple on it.

raiden_18859d ago

The must own console to own is the finger licking good KFC console.

darthv7259d ago

I don't know if I want that console but I do want their Xbox controller.

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