Xbox and Bethesda talk about their future in new roundtable livestream

Leaders from Microsoft and Bethesda will talk about the future.

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AngelicIceDiamond435d ago (Edited 435d ago )

I'm not expecting reveals trailers or gameplay but I am expecting them to tell us what's going where. Starfield has been rumored to release closer than expected for awhile so they need to tell us where that game is going. That should be their first priority during this whole stream.

RazzerRedux435d ago

Posting this here for visibility. The timestamp in the link I posted below has changed.

"Phil Spencer talks some about exclusivity here:

RazzerRedux435d ago

Phil Spencer talks some about exclusivity here:

Clears it up enough for me. My take on all of this has been speculative, but also completely wrong. Bethesda games will be exclusive to "platforms where Game Pass exist". Spencer makes caveats for existing games or contractual obligations, but he might as well said "Elder Scrolls, Starfield, Doom, Prey, etc. will no longer be on PlayStation".

That's that in my mind.

Christopher435d ago

People are choosing to take support their game pass consumers as their main goal as to mean ignore others. Yet he specifically states in the previous sentence that they aren't closed to deals with other platforms.

"And even in the future, there might be things that have, either contractual things or legacy on different platforms that we’ll go do. But if you’re an Xbox customer, the thing I want you to know is this is about delivering great exclusive games for you, that ship on platforms, where Game Pass exists, and that’s our goal."

RazzerRedux435d ago (Edited 435d ago )

Right. Bethesda is going to honor contractual obligations. They will also supported older (legacy) games on whatever platforms they are on. Everything else is entirely about Game Pass. So if Bethesda already made a deal to bring Starfield to PlayStation, for example, then it will be there. (Or perhaps even the Indiana Jones game) But Spencer last sentence you quoted was emphatic about exclusive to Game Pass platforms.

gamer7804435d ago

That’s only existing deals or mmo games. If you want to play single player Bethesda games you will need a Windows PC or an Xbox.

Christopher435d ago

"In the future... We'll go do."

It's like people are just ignoring what was said similar to how people thought MS once said no single player games.

Atom666435d ago

Well, step 1 to reading and any Spencer quote is to try to fit it into their own confirmation bias.

While I wasn't shocked today, I did think they were much more direct than I expected. They of course left the door open for the future, but sounds like that will be the exception to rule.

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RavenTears435d ago

Damn, Fallout 4 is the last Bethesda game that I bought on PlayStation. I guess, my wallet is going to be happy.

Zeref435d ago

Case closed, finally. I got tired of talking about it

MrDead435d ago

30 years of multiplatform ip's taken and locked away.

Has anyone done anything more anti-gamer than that?

Atticus_finch435d ago

But but "Is not a monopoly"

gamer7804435d ago

they aren't really locked away, depends on how you look at it, you'll now be able to play their games on more devices than ever before. locked away from playstation yah.

Zeref435d ago (Edited 435d ago )

locked away? You're free to go buy it on PC or Xbox. Or subscribe to gamepass and play it via xCloud.

That's more consumer friendly than Playstation games where you absolutely have to have the console to play anything. I'm glad they're at least starting to put them on PC.

Tetsdah434d ago

Lol, just gotta get a SeriesX down the line pretty much. That's fine. Thankfully, we are finally past "exclusives are anticonsumer " or "exclusives are counter to what gaming is about". Literally the way that the game industry has been working for decades.

But now Series X has cemented another genre for its base. I may scoop it up down the line when those games arrive.

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cbuc1125435d ago

As a PS owner this doesnt bother me at all. I never owned any Bethesda games.

shabz666435d ago

As a ps owner too thats kind of nuts since they have some amazing games like doom and dishonored but to each their own 🤷🏽‍♂️

Ron_Danger435d ago (Edited 435d ago )

To each their own is right. I used to get Bethesda games day 1 but the last few years my taste in games has changed and now I only get them on deep sales. I got the newest doom and newest Wolfenstein in a combo deal and I have about 3 hours in doom and 2 hours in Wolfenstein... neither clicked for me. I’m just not that into a character being a badass as a story point. My fiancée is gonna be a little annoyed though because she has around 1000 hours of PS4 Skyrim with multiple character builds.

Julion0715435d ago

Kool story so why are you here?

gamer7804435d ago

You should say as someone who doesn’t like any Bethesda games.... because having a ps has nothing to do with whether you like a game or not. Or atleast it shouldn’t.

Jericho1337435d ago

Fair enough, but plenty have and would if they were third party.

Having said that, I keep getting told by PS owners that you all have high speed gaming PCs so I suppose you’ve got nothing to worry about.

enkiduxiv435d ago

High Speed isn't really necessary for Bethesda games. Maybe for ID and Arkane. I can't imagine that anything made on that god awful Creation engine would struggle to work on a GTX 780.

Atticus_finch435d ago

The only bethesda game I ever bought was FO4. So I feel the same I won't really miss them considering now that they will be making GP games. But it really hurts the industry to have a well established big publisher be bought out to make rental games.

OptimusDK435d ago

You must be very special then or just plain stupid.

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Highrevz435d ago

I almost skipped on watching it but glad I didn’t.

-20 Bethesda titles dropping on Gamepass tomorrow.

-A new Bethesda game coming this summer.

- If your platform supports Gamepass, there’s no need to worry about exclusives.

- more FPS Boost titles are in the works.

CaptainHenry916435d ago

- If your platform supports Gamepass, there’s no need to worry about exclusives.

What about the price increase for gamepass in the future. Microsoft needs to make profit someway.

435d ago
Highrevz435d ago

I don’t pay a penny for gamepass ultimate as I use Microsoft rewards But if the contents there then I’d be happy to pay the right price.
It’s already a great offer as it is but I’m able to lock in 3 years worth so even a ridiculous price increase isn’t going to effect me anytime soon.

Honestly the price isn’t going to increase and if it does it would only be by a small amount.

Your far to “proud” to be using gamepass anyway so whats it to you🤷‍♂️ There’s no negatives here for you to get hard over.

ocelot07435d ago


Is that 100% facts or pulled out your backside? What about the people like my self who only pay £1 a month? Or the people who bought bought a load of cheap Xbox live codes and converted them to gamepass ultimate and are now set for the next 3 years?

Atticus_finch435d ago

$100 million
Minus all the 3rd party games they have to pay for
Minus ads
Minus Discounted or free accounts
Minus 7.5 billion
Minus maintenance
And whatever else I missed.

ReadyPlayer22435d ago

Hey Atticus, you know how much money Sony and Microsoft make off of microtransactions? Because theybeach get a cut of every single transaction. 18 million+ paying customers is massive

jbull435d ago (Edited 435d ago )

@MadDestruction, that's not a whole pile of money when you factor in taxes, the employees Microsoft has now under MS studios and Bethesda and AAA games development cost.

343_Guilty_Spark435d ago

How much do you spend on games a year?

$15 times 12 month is $160 per year which is the same as buying two and a half full-priced PS5 games

Making a big deal about nothing.

CaptainHenry916435d ago


Expect a 10-15 dollar price increase for gamepass by the end of the year. Xbox game division aren't making any money or profits from gamepass. Aaron Greenberg already mentioned that

CaptainHenry916435d ago


Xbox gamepass is mostly just old games though

343_Guilty_Spark434d ago (Edited 434d ago )

I should expect a price increase based on what? XBL has barely increased in price for almost 15 years

Games aren't old if you've never played them. You play every game though right?

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