Nintendo dismisses accusations of failing to deliver Wii units

Nintendo has refuted claims that it failed to deliver the number of Wii units promised to Virgin Megastores for the console's launch on December 8.

The claims emerged after Virgin began taking pre-orders for PlayStation 3 last week. As discovered after contacting stores across the country, customers enquiring about the pre-order system are told that they can secure a console for GBP 50 - but are warned that they won't neccessarily receive their machine on March 23.

They're told that they may have to wait days or even weeks for their machine to arrive, with one customer service representative stating, "We can't make a commitment to the 23rd because Sony hasn't made a commitment to us."

All the representatives spoke to said that Virgin was keen to avoid a repeat of the situation which occurred with the launch of the Wii, claiming that Nintendo failed to deliver the number of consoles promised for day one.

"It's because there was an issue with the Wii. Some stores didn't get the allocation they were promised until the next day after launch," one representative said.

Another claimed, "The full amount of stock we were promised never turned up," while other representatives said that the total launch allocation wasn't received until several weeks after launch.

Nintendo has disputed the claims with a spokesperson telling, "All UK retailers were notified of their initial day one Wii allocations in October 2006, some six to eight weeks before launch.

"Nintendo delivered exactly what we said we would to retailers for day one and in many instances over delivered against the initial numbers retailers were expecting."

In addition, the spokesperson said, "Nintendo made multiple and regular deliveries to retailers across the UK in the days following launch to try and meet the huge demand for Wii as much as possible."

Virgin Megastores has yet to respond to requests for comment.

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Shadow Flare4906d ago

I don't get nintendo. The wii is like the easiest of the 3 next-gen consoles to build. They should have easily enough to go around. Even if the nunchuck is the problem, its all still easier to make than the ps3 and 360. And whats more, cos its so basic, they should have launched when the 360 did, not when the ps3 did. Idiots. They werent exactly busy with the gamecube. Nintendo could have had a much bigger fanbase, if they got enough units out when the hype was there. Cos the hype will soon die down.

PS360WII4906d ago

so what you don't think that they are manufactering as many Wii's as possible even though they have said they are in full production and are trying hard as they can to met demands. They are still trying to met demands of the DS let alone the Wii. It's easy to make yes but they already said they can only get about a million made a month and those get bought as soon as they get to the retailers. So yes they do get it! The just can't make 10 million in one month to supply the demand for it.

PS360WII4906d ago

this artical is about Virgin store getting all crying like because they could sell more Wii's but woa is me for we didn't order as many as we should of but we'll blame Nintendo becuase it'll look better if we don't blame us for not supporting Nintendo products better in the first place.

Seriously they got there stock glad you can sell more you'll get them when they are done