Microsoft is finally giving up on Xbox TV and will stop offering live television listings

It looks to be the end of an era for Xbox. Beginning in May, Xbox users will not be able to access live TV listings on the OneGuide app.

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darthv72102d ago (Edited 102d ago )

Sony recently stated they were removing movies and tv shows from the PS store... MS was bound to be doing similar moves at some point.

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shabz666102d ago (Edited 102d ago )

Totally different moves. Xbox is removing the channel guide. Sony is removing movie and tv store.

DaveZero102d ago

Very different to what Sony have done. The MS side of it has a feature that connects your cable or whatever and finds what's live on TV at the time, that's the bit that's going.

As for the movies and shows they will remain.

Would also like to point out that there are numerous apps on xbox for all sorts of shows for free.

Orchard102d ago

I didn't realize this was even still a thing... I thought this got dropped back when they dropped the whole TV + Kinect thing with XB1 in 2013-2014...

Kabaneri102d ago

Traditional cable is dying, streaming is the future. Although, now that every channel is making a "+" platform, the industry is quickly becoming oversaturated. Nobody is gonna pay $10-15 a month for 10 different streaming apps, thats more expensive than cable.

kneon102d ago

There will be a big consolidation as many of these will fail. As you said, how many different services are people willing to pay for? I expect for most people it's only 2 or 3. I stop at 1

Sayai jin102d ago

About time. The only thing I liked of that failed era is the "Snap" feature. Being able to snap in youtube and such was nice.

Deathdeliverer102d ago

The death of something that should have never happened. Glad Microsoft finally realized people buy game consoles for games FIRST. They definitely seem to be heading in the right direction now. It’s going to take a while to undo a lot of perceptions this kind of stuff caused. 🥂here’s to righting wrongs.

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