For Honor: Year 5 Launches

Looks great. Today, Ubisoft announced that For Honor Year 5 Season 1 Asunder is available now.

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414gamer57d ago

Ubisoft is the king of dragging out games too long.

Prubar57d ago

Not for the people enjoying them.

Garethvk57d ago

It is an interesting study of doing DLC and updates vs a new game. Look at the Division 2. I am in favor og a Division 3 to move the story along but now we here more content is coming. Manhunts were a distraction during the lockdown but it is repeating mission after mission to do what is basically a Bounty. 5 Rogue Agents; ok. Then another 5, 5 more after that and guess what; 5 more followed by 5 more. At least the final one moved the story on a bit. I had to ask what exactly the vetting process was.