The Next Life Is Strange Game Will Be Revealed Next Thursday At Square Enix Digital Showcase

Life Is Strange 3 and the first details about the game will officially be revealed next Thursday at a Sqaure Enix Presents Digital Showcase.

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Father__Merrin96d ago

Just playing though 1st game now. Well recommended

SDuck96d ago

Get through the ending before recommending. That lack of choice ruined the whole experience for me

Knightofelemia96d ago

The first one is good of course the sequel/prequel is just as good also you should snag it if you find it at a good price Season 2 I have yet to play it's on sale on PS4 I might snag it.

TheRealTedCruz96d ago

I really enjoyed the first game. Wasn't huge on the sequel, but I'll definitely give the new season a look.

That said, I'm still just waiting on confirmation of a new Vampyr title... please?

OG_TK_Cole96d ago

Loved the first two games in the series. Played them with my daughter. She is excited for this one.

Yui_Suzumiya96d ago

The first is definitely one of the best games ever made. I have yet to play the second but will at some point. Before the Storm was also really good.