Google Stadia allows you to hop into other players' screenshots and start playing

Google Stadia has a feature that allows users to hop into another player's game state and take over gameplay from there.

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iplay1up298d ago

That is a cool feature! Still wouldn't buy one. I have Series X, Switch, and PS4 soon to be PS5. I wouldn't use Stadia even if I had it.

SullysCigar98d ago

"Google Stadia allows you to hop into other players' screenshots..."

...umm...what 'other players' ?!

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glennhkboy97d ago

Why would a game player, like myself, would allow someone else to heck into my gaming section????? This is definitely developed by someone with no understanding on gaming.

97d ago
DOMination-97d ago

It sounds like you are not understanding the feature

PrinceAli97d ago

What a donkey looool!!! That's LITERALLY not what this feature is!

swifty197d ago

Really?? Come on now, they will jump into there OWN version of the game. Has nothing to do with your system/console. It’s just a screenshot with a link

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uth1197d ago

Sounds a lot like the shareplay feature PS4 had

Angrymorgan97d ago

Was thinking the same i tried it once

lellkay97d ago

I read the first two words of the headline and started laughing

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