Final Fantasy XVI Will Likely Be PS5 Exclusive For a Limited Time

Square Enix's Final Fantasy XVI will likely be a timed PlayStation 5 exclusive with the PC version launching later on.

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Mr_Luke57d ago

Whatever... i just want to play it on my PS5 as soon as possibile and not after 10 years, then i don't care where else it is :P

jznrpg57d ago

My guess is 2022 but 2023 is possible

NeoGamer23257d ago

If FF XVI is good I will play it right away on PS5. But, if any franchise needs a break it is definitely FF.

And SE's delivery on time is very questionable. Probably 3 years away still.

CrimsonWing6957d ago

Ya think!? I mean the trailer only said that in the beginning and FF15 went to PC, eventually the FF7 Remake will be on PC, not really breaking news here.

Abnor_Mal57d ago

Writer probably thinking that there's been a lot of Microsoft/Bethesda/Zenimax news of late, and PlayStation needed some big coverage, so throws out a bone that if any meat was on it was digested months ago. It is a bone after all.

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