DS and PSP Exchange Punches; DS Sells 480k+ software, PSP takes 5 of Top 10

Japan - The DS and PSP had another huge week in software sales, with the DS selling over 480 thousand units and the PSP taking five of the top ten.

The PS3 and the Wii both had title in the top three, with Konami's annual Winning Eleven release and Nintendo's Animal Crossing: City Folk each selling more than 100 thousand units.

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Danja3703d ago

Japan has officially tuned into a handheld nation...nice to see the PSP selling more software though..

PantherLotus3703d ago

But god damn it's awesome to see it getting so many games in the top 10. The PSP deserves it.

upilbau3703d ago (Edited 3703d ago )

haha Last Remnant.. i saw in 2ch naruto 3 wii #21 sold ~15k.. so Last Remnant 360 #23 must be around 10k or less..

GT5P is doing very well .. > 15k

edit: PantherLotus, your avatar is taeyeon? lol

PS360WII3703d ago

Ah good old handhelds :) This is actually a pretty good year for both the systems and now the Prof Layton released in Japan hurry up and bring it state side!