Why is Resident Evil's mansion so great?

Indie By Design delve into the belly of the beast on this week's gaming the podcast as Stace Harman and John Robertson, discuss and explore Resident Evil 1's mansion.

What makes it so revered? How has it stood the test of time so well and how does its design impact everything that occurs in the game?

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Sonic-and-Crash196d ago

stood in time because was grounded and realistc ....original RE1 was ScienceFiction based horror that s why was so good....they created smhting that could be a scientific center or institute and not a vampiric castle with werewolves....that s how they managed to immerse the fans to its world and be so merorable

Developpers back then made excellent job to not copy holywood but create horror with colors and atmosphere.....RE1Remake.lost a bit of this essence making it extremely dark and black-losing alot from the art of its environment....

TricksterArrow196d ago

No bathrooms is hardly realistic. It’s a great set piece, atmospheric and beautiful, fueled by great music and ambience.

Sonic-and-Crash196d ago (Edited 196d ago )

you probably never played RE1 just repeat the classic 'No Bathrooms' omission that goes for RE2 not RE1 mansion the games man, dont just repeat what you hear/see in memes

TricksterArrow196d ago (Edited 196d ago )

@Sonic Sorry. One bathroom for a “gigantic” mansion. The guard house has a few. But this just reiterares the mansion is not “realistically” designed. It’s just a glorified cover/deathtrap.

I wonder which mansions you’ve seen in real life designed like the Spencer Mansion. A big ass kitchen, a dining room and one bathroom... across the mansion or on a different building from where you eat. It’s a meme for a reason. It’s not grounded, because it does not need to be, it’s a game set, it knows it’s a game set and it’s ever more great for it.

MasterChief3624196d ago

Oooo, Lisa Trevor doesn't like that.

Jericho1337196d ago

The music was and is unforgettable.

Aussiesummer196d ago (Edited 196d ago )

Man the memories of pouring over magazine articles about resident evil when I was a kid, aching to play it then we managed to get an ntsc copy and figured out a way to play it on our pal PS1 with the ol disc swap trick but it would only play in black and white....and this was pre internet, we were crafty little buggers.
we were so excited to finally be playing resident evil even without colour.
We all screamed in unison when that dog first jumped through the windows, panicking trying not to mess up our escape with those tank controls, lol, good times.

Orchard196d ago (Edited 196d ago )

The music, the visuals, the many different themed areas of the mansion and the sheer size of the mansion for a PS1 game.

This is probably the most memorable game environment for me, and I could probably re-draw the map from memory...

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