Left 4 Dead could be Game of the Year has released yet another nominee for Game of the year.

If you love Zombies, guns and Zombies with guns, then you're gonna love this pick...

If not... Well then, flame on!

From the article: "So far, we've hyped Far Cry 2, Metal Gear Solid 4 and Fallout 3 as possible candidates for Game of the Year. There's only two slots left and a TON of games to consider. In considering what is Game of the Year contender, I'm sure many of us look back on our experience with any particular game and ask ourselves an honest question, "What about this experience stood out from the pack?" For me, as with all of our Nominees, this game stands out from the rest of the pack because of the strong emotional response that the game elicits every time I play it.

One word. Survival.

Wanna see what it is? Hit the jump."

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Dimitrius3696d ago

So, if there are only 5 spots to GOTY nominies that means:
- Far Cry 2
- Metal Gear 4
- Fallout 3
- Left 4 Dead
- ???

Well the fifth nominie is between LBP or GeoW 2. If they left out the most inovative game in at least for the last 10 years just for another shooter will mean that they are nuts. Dont get me wrong GeoW 2 its an amazing game but even with the badass stile its not enough to be GOTY again.

SL1M DADDY3696d ago

We're taling about Sarcastic Gamer here so it's no wonder they would pick this game for one of their GOTY choices. Heck, why would they want to have a new and fresh game that is purely fun for everybody like LBP when they could stuff another shooter in the mix...

St03696d ago

I think it'll be GTA4, LBP or Gears of war 2 that wins most GOTY awards

ruibing3696d ago

I really don't know when to take them seriously.

I would personally have chosen GTA4, MGS4, LBP, GoW2, and Fallout 3 as the top 5.

lowcarb3696d ago

And who says that LBP is fun for everybody? I played the game and it's boring and old already to be honest. It's basically the same stuff done over and over again which is why it doesn't deserve game of the year. GEOW2 is an all around treat and should get game of the year over any of the titles mentioned above which it will.

silvacrest3695d ago

"And who says that LBP is fun for everybody?"

you can say the same thing about gears or any other game, theres a reason why there are different genres....

"It's basically the same stuff done over and over again which is why it doesn't deserve game of the year."

LOL what? please explain, LBP is so innovative and fresh i cant beleive you said that but if your a blind fanboy i guess it makes sense to you

and just to be clear, gears/other shooters= killing over and over again

Dont get me wrong i love gears but his comments are stupid filled with fail and anyone who is unbiased/got a brain will see that

lowcarb3695d ago

Get off the it's innovative crap already. Yes it's a easy to use tool when it come's to level design but it is in no way as epic or great as you make it out to be when you actually sit there and ply it. Your views are flawed which is understandable but don't criticize me for making a truthful claim about an overratted game that just doesn't do enough to live up to what it is.

Eddie201013695d ago

Left 4 Dead is not that great and should not be a nominee for game of the year, it is a 8.5 game at best.

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rbluetank3696d ago

The game looks like rewarmed garbage cooked with a rehashed outdated engine. the game is a dlc and not a full game. it is only 4hrs long. it should not be in the same league as fully developed game. LBP is GOTY and it is a step in the right direction for gaming.

riksweeney3696d ago

Swap out L4D for Dead Space.

Marcello3696d ago

Dead Space is a very underated game, i think it got on the wrong side of ppl thou cos of the controls & no means to remap them to your liking. Best of all it looks and runs fantastic, on a average pc you get 60 fps on max settings without laggy dips not many new games can boost that.

Xbox Street Gang3696d ago

L4D for PS3? I don't know any other goty contenders...

Serjikal_Strike3696d ago

Its because microsoft if out paying off more companies!

GiantEnemyCrab3695d ago

Are you being sarcastic?

If not, why one earth would MS pay off people for a game that is not even theres? Wouldn't it be Valve to pay off reviewers?

The fact that your comment got 5 agrees is beyond me.

evrfighter3695d ago

LoL microsoft has nothing to do with L4D...There's a difference in thinking bill gates and M$ are the evil empire and being just a console fanboy. Reeks of fanboyism in here.

BTW I'm beginning to wonder where the hell are these LBP comments like "fresh and fun" "innovative" "the next mario" come from. Is there some sort of booklet I didn't see at gamestop? I mean you'll see stuff like this when any new game comes out, but lately it's being regurgitated in every topic that has to do with a pc gamer looking for a console for my wife I looked it up thinking she might like it. I honestly don't know what the big deal is...

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