Thunderbolt: Valkyria Chronicles Review

Thunderbolt: "Valkyria Chronicles is a long, sweeping epic of a game that every PS3 owner should play. Its rich story, unique premise, and reimagined sense of strategic role-playing shouldn't be missed. Released amongst a slew of gaming giants - Gears of War 2, Fable 2, Left 4 Dead, LittleBigPlanet, etc - it is most certainly the underdog this year. However, for those seeking something different, something new - it's a battle worth joining. It's a testament to a game's quality when the only major complaint is a few detriments to the story; most games don't even have a story good enough to complain about ruining in the first place. The rich atmosphere, amazing art, and inventive gameplay really must be experienced."

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Harry1903701d ago

Unfortunately, it's appeal is very limited.

I want Hogs of War 2.

Danja3701d ago

Yup best truly is a great game I recommend all RPG's fans on the PS3 to get this game....well done SE who's boss...^.^ lol

badz1493701d ago

that's the 1st time I's seeing a JRPG got a full mark. VC is indeed a great game.