Barack Obama uses a Zune...Its time for a change!

Well well well, what do we have here? Turns out Obama is a Zune user. The change is already starting it seems.

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mikeslemonade3700d ago

What!? This can't be! I should have voted for that damn Mccain.

Danja3700d ago

I seriously hope ur being sarcastic.....

GiantEnemyLobster3700d ago

I wonder how all these liberal/probama/sheeple/apple fanboys are going to react?

Jandre023699d ago

Probably with the most intense and extreme not caring thats every been witnessed...

Seriously, who gives a F?

This isn't news, you stupid nerds.

Nathan Drake3700d ago

McCain still uses a Walkman though

Danja3700d ago

kk that was a good

Snake Raiser3700d ago (Edited 3700d ago )

BIG BOSS approves of Barack Obama. Gives 10th approval of story.

GUNS N SWORDS3700d ago

that's nice to hear.

i have one as well.

Bnet3433700d ago

Zunes are underrated, but I can't live without iTunes so I had to go with the Podz0rz.

freeblue3700d ago

i use a Zune :) the double color effect is way better and prettier than stupid ipod. and build in tuner.

AAACE53700d ago

A lot of people like to hate on it cause it's from MS, But I like mine! It's pretty much the same as an Ipod, so it's not a big deal.

I have noticed that I don't see any Zune's in the stores anymore! I would say they don't carry them anymore, but they still have the signs out for it. It just looks like people keep buying them.

cherrypie3700d ago

Check out the Zune 3 software:

And, the Zune hardware:

And, Zune Pass, which, for $15 per month gets you 10 Songs to download and keep (even after the end your subscription) **AND** you get unlimited, anywhere, anytime music downloading & discovery:

Zune is a better player.
Zune uses better software.
Zune is a better value.

Also, Zune plays community games written in XNA.

aftrdark213699d ago

and i use it daily. It's actually pretty good. I like the most recent updates which added games and other cool stuff. Also use the radio tuner frequently. It's highly underrated just cause it's made by Microsoft.

King Neptune1173699d ago

ok fine the ipod is better than the zune. BUT the service is not. Zune pass is not a scam. All the downloads you want for 9.99 a month. Its that simple. If you were a true microsoft fanboy you would have one.

locos853699d ago

I have a Zune and its always freezing on me..... it's time for a change. Is it a lot of work in transferring my music from Zune to itunes? I have about 15 gigs of music.

FOXDIE3699d ago

so from nowhere every ass hole who has this piece of garbage is popping up?

B Man3699d ago

is the fact the software sucks at finding song information. I can't tell you how many songs I have on my zune that are under the wrong artist, or just unknown. Not even WMP is that bad at finding song information.

Other than that, it's a pretty good device. With the addition of java support now, there is a chance it could compete with all of the apps on ipod touch.

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Danja3700d ago

Ipod touch >>>Zune...

Aclay3700d ago (Edited 3700d ago )

I love my Ipod Touch :)

The Zune isn't sleek enough for my tastes and is too big and bulky.

Rock Bottom3699d ago (Edited 3699d ago )

Now where's the doctor responsible for Michael Jackson's color change...

kr90913699d ago

yes i agree. The zune just isnt as small and stylish as the Ipod touch. plus you get apps, built in wifi, and a touch interface. I absolutely love my Ipod touch simply because its a work of art instead of a piece of cheap plastic.

SaiyanFury3699d ago (Edited 3699d ago )

I'll stick with my 32GB Zen X-Fi. And I got it for half the price of the same capacity iPod Touch. I don't need it to be as "sleek" as some people seem to, but it works flawlessly, sounds crystal clear and for the price and functionality, it can't be beat.

spooky2053699d ago

my archos 605 for me. 160 gb, touch screen, wifi, better codec support (mpeg 4, divx, etc.) just dump the files into the device viola. it doesnt need some crappy software, i can even organize the files on the device without the need of hooking it up into the computer. but since it doesnt look as stylish as a ipod it gets ignored.........

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