EA Gate Trending As Employee Allegedly Caught Selling FIFA 21 Cards For Cash

EA SPORTS under pressure as allegations of FIFA 21 card selling from their own employees go viral on social media – with EA Gate trending.

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Rebel_Scum59d ago

I mean EA is the shits but how can you blame EA for some random employees money making scheme?

SaveFerris59d ago

EA Sports "If it's in the game, It's in the game."

Rebel_Scum59d ago

Ah man I remember that jingle when it meant something lol.

The megadrive rugby games were so good back then.

slayernz59d ago

lol gotta laugh at these, the whole fut game mode is just a toxic mess.....few years ago you were lucky to have a handful of special players in your team - now ea release special cards pretty much every second day, its destroyed the game and all the fun in trying to acquire decent teams.....i played fut 21 for a few weeks and then gave up, now people paying 700 bucks for a digital item that will last for a few months before f22? wtf

Spartacus1059d ago

The question is will EA be kind enough to ban the customers and put them out of their gambling addiction misery, or will they turn a blind eye and hope they go back to buying hundreds of packs?

Aussiesummer59d ago

Those eyes dried up and fell out of their skull a long time ago.

badboyz0959d ago

99% sure EA does this all the time and the employee was being told to do it.