PlayStation Store Prequels and Sequels Sale Is Live, Full List Here

Sony is holding a major sale called "Prequels and Sequels" on the PlayStation Store this week. You can find the full list of games here.

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FallenAngel198466d ago

Sony having multiple sales happening concurrently is gonna bleed so many people’s wallets dry

CoffeeBlack91065d ago

*Knows Sony deals are a trap to spend more money*


Escamotage65d ago

Story of my life.

Anyone else purchased more games than they have time to play in a lifetime? No, just me? Ok.

raiden_18866d ago

I was hoping Last Of Us 2 would be on sale. Shenmue 3 is on there though which will do for me.

Dark-soul65d ago

Sadly game is quite bad, feels like it was made 20years ago and hidden and now released

raiden_18865d ago

Oh that's a shame. As long as it's not bug ridden. I don't mind the dated graphics as long as the story is good.

CobraKai65d ago

I like how it feels 20 years old as it the original is 20 years old. It adds to the consistency and solidifies the trilogy.

slayernz65d ago

wow maybe they could actually put some decent games on there and i might be interested!

MajorLazer65d ago

Yup, this sale is pure crap.

CrimsonWing6965d ago

Yea this sale was a let down.

Hawk19866665d ago (Edited 65d ago )

Major sale..... No its a few games, it's a terrible sale, clickbait BS.