Digital Chumps: Persona 4 Review

Digital Chumps: "Think of Persona 4 as a streamlined, alternate universe version of Persona 3. It shares enough mechanics for casual idiots to lament its alleged lack of innovation, but it contains a narrative so unique and characters so fully realized to instantly render those complaints as pointless. For a genre many have abandoned on a system most have already left behind, Persona 4 may unfortunately be the most overlooked game this holiday season. It's quite a shame, because it stands on the same pantheon as some of the best titles ever released on Playstation 2."

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Harry1903695d ago

Isn't this the highest rated rpg right now?

Danja3695d ago

YUP it is...and it's also the best RPG of the year.....

only a few more days...been waiting forever for this game...

rucky3695d ago

I know it's crazy. Persona 4 could possibly become the highest rated RPG of all time if this keeps up.

Danja3695d ago

well it deserves to be...hopefully more ppl will know about these's one of the best RPG Franchise ever IMO..

meepmoopmeep3695d ago

i'm worried that i won't have as much time to play this once i get it.
i still haven't finished FES yet, lol.

gaaah, why do i like rpg's so much, dammit.
no tiiiiiiiime :(

kwicksandz3695d ago

I picked up P3 FES today. Didnt know it had a PAL release, so i saw it and took a chance.never played any past personas so im going in with a fresh pallete but ive read nothing but good things about it. God damm it was a bad move for sony to ditch backwards compatibility, really dont wanna have to dust off the ps2 >.>

callahan093695d ago

I'm worried about time as well. I still haven't finished Fallout 3, Fable 2, Valkyria Chronicles, Infinite Undiscovery, or Tales of Vesperia! And now this!

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Danja3695d ago

so..are you planning on getting this game dude ? dunno how you let it slip by ur radar

TheColbertinator3695d ago

Nope.I don't have a PS2 anymore :(

mpmaley3695d ago

Good, Atlus deserves more attention. Their games are fantastic.
<3 Nocturne the most though!

Lowlife3695d ago

I'm so happy I bought a PS3 with backwards comp! Currently playing P3 FES and it rocks!