25 Rust EU Servers Lost Due to OVH Data Center Fire

A fire broke out in OVHCloud's data center in Strasbourg, Eastern France, and as a result data has been lost on 25 of Rust's EU servers.

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Orchard66d ago

It strikes me as crazy that a big game like this wouldn't have some form of off-site backup.

TakeTori66d ago

Strikes me as crazy that all everybody says is "how could they do this to the players, what kind of developer doesn't do this and that", when there was a freakin' fire and people could have died.

Orchard66d ago (Edited 66d ago )

That's kinda unrelated though, they should have backups for many reasons, not just fires. What if there was no fire but the storage disks died due to wear and tear?

Most services/websites/apps/games have offsite backup mechanisms these days, its fairly easy with the cloud too - I bet N4G has a backup too.

It's a key part of business continuity plans.

BrainSyphoned66d ago

People could have died?
Well ya we tend to do that in various ways but I set fail-safes for my family in case I do die in the form of a will and life insurance. A business should have things set up as well for when things go partially or fully bad.

Michiel198966d ago

if im not mistaken these servers get reset once a month anyway, so its not like too much valuable is going to get lost at any point. The passwords and user information is probably backed up, but for a game like this i dont think backups of the actual servers is needed when they get wiped every so often anyway.

Atom66666d ago

They're taking it to a whole new level.