That Time Miyamoto Wanted Goldeneye on N64 to End With Handshakes

In an interview years ago, the Goldeneye 007 director revealed that Miyamoto and Nintendo were not at all pleased with the in-game violence of the James Bond game, so they suggested some ways to tone it down.

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CrimsonWing69193d ago

well, I have a feeling we'll be coming back to those days with how everyone is offended by something...

EazyC192d ago (Edited 192d ago ) has more to do with validation than offence.

I think back to the 90s when DOOM was offending the religious middle class... parents were genuinely offended by the violent material...idiotic mentality of course, but I genuinely believe their core sensibilities/morals felt attacked. Much like Marilyn Manson's music did.

I don't really buy that today. We're so exposed to every pit of the human experience that I don't actually believe that raving lunatics on Twitter actually feel that offended by ANYTHING they claim. It's just trendy/herd mentality.

The resulting effect is the same of course...your favourite show/host/artist is suddenly 'cancelled' because some screeching 17 year old vegans on the internet couldn't apparently tolerate that they used an old-fashioned term or some other trivial nonsense... but the disingenuousness of it all is really irritating me at the min.

Strange99192d ago

I’m a little offended that you had feelings in regards to this article. I’d like to schedule a zoom call with you to discuss this matter further. We can iron it out with a virtual handshake. If this works for you, have your therapist and lawyer call mine.

CrimsonWing69192d ago

You, sir get a thumbs up. Best comment, lol.

Shiken193d ago

Meanwhile Ganondorf throws up blood, and Link then goes to impale him in the throat as Ganon.

Jeriphro193d ago

Meanwhile, Eternal Darkness was a GameCube exclusive that came out 5 years after Goldeneye 007, and it contained horror, blood, and psychological terror, among other things. haha. Nintendo can be really weird about how they want to filter things.

TricksterArrow192d ago

I miss Eternal Darkness dearly. ):

iplay1up2192d ago

Eternal Darkness needs a sequel and a full fledged remake!