Gamecell: Fallout 3 Review

Gamecell writes: "I felt little more than a vaguely tepid interest in the ongoing development of Fallout 3 and as its release approached, apathy gave way to something verging on mild hostility. I'm more than a bit fond of Black Isle's previous seminal stuff and I couldn't escape this terrible sense that it was all going to end in tears. I wasn't charmed by Oblivion, I felt that in its rush to join the next gen, it took some backward steps from what had been established strongly with Morrowind instead of building on it. Like a devastatingly pretty girl with a severe stutter, comical facial tics and an unfeasibly fat ass, it was blighted with the usual bugs and wrinkles that are as integral to the Elder Scrolls package as the ambitious world building. I found it a stodgy, bloated experience, afflicted with curious design decisions that arguably hindered rather than enhanced its potential. All of this, along with an uneven mix in the quality of quests (the Dark Brotherhood being a memorable high point), left me feeling stuck between admiration and exasperation."

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