Gamercell: LittleBigPlanet Review

Gamercell writes: "LittleBigPlanet is a lot like Barack Obama.
No, really! Don't believe me? Let's consider the evidence:

• Barack Obama was recently elected US president to an expectant nation.
• Little Big Planet was recently released on PS3 to an expectant public.

• Barack Obama has the hopes of an entire nation resting on his shoulders.
• Little Big Planet has the hopes of an entire corporation resting on its shoulders.

• Barack Obama has wowed the public with his proposed policies.
• LBP has wowed the public with its beta.

• Barack Obama is the 21st century mascot of a new generation of Americans.
• LBP's Sackboy is the 21st century mascot of a new generation of PlayStation owner.

See, it's almost like they were separated at birth. Time will tell if Obama lives up to the hype, but having spent time in the company of LBP, it's my duty to tell you that the game unfortunately falls short of the hoped-for greatness. "

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Harry1903697d ago

The negative points mentioned are atrocious. Blamed the game for being too hard for the first time users....what the hell... blamed the game for collecting things throughout the campaign to make stuff as in every other game....that's called progression moron.

callahan093697d ago

I agree. WORST REVIEW EVER! This is the most poorly written, most unfounded piece of criticism I've ever had the misfortune of laying my eyes upon. And to think that so many better sites are out there getting ignored by GameRankings, but this piece of garbage is counted in the game's average!

Parapraxis3697d ago

"Developer: Media Molecule
Publisher: Sony Entertainment Europe
Release Date: Out Now
Players: 1-2"

Yeah, this reviewer doesn't even know the basic info about the game.
The review is pathetic.
Comparing it to Obama, oh how clever!....and by clever I mean lame.

aiphanes3697d ago

LBP is an awesome game...nobody can hate on it and keep a straight faced. The same site game Gears 2 a 10/10...

ngg123453697d ago

How is lbp and obama even comparable. Wait I am going to write a review about how sackboy is like lemons..

Danja3697d ago

wow sh!tty review....pity that these guys opinion doesn't matter....

they're also like a month too late...with there review

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The story is too old to be commented.