A Guide to Understanding the Xbox 360 Red Ring Errors

Adam Waddilove writes:

"Your Xbox 360 gaming console represents a considerable investment on your part. As such you expect the console to perform to your expectations. In short, you reasonably expect the 360 to be free of manufacturer's defects and operate normally during game play. Unfortunately for many gamers, this is not the case. An astoundingly high number of Xbox 360 owners have experienced one or more of the red ring errors and the accompanying frustration that these errors create."

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Citizen Cook3698d ago

No one buying a new 360 in 2008 is going to have any RROD problems. Not with the new heatsinks, and smaller 65nm chips.

Stop trying to gain hits to your pathetic little loser sites and write something NEW and FRESH. Something worth reading in 2008 and not 2005.

Jesus, time to move on now vultures.
Get a life, get a 360.

Hey, that should be M$ new slogan: Get a life: Get a 360