Bethesda Posts Emotional 'Here's to the Journey' Retrospective Video on the Day It Joins Microsoft

On the day of its acquisition by Microsoft, Bethesda has posted an emotional 'Here's to the Journey' retrospective video.

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Sonic-and-Crash106d ago (Edited 106d ago )

im the only one that never found Behtesda games appealing ? i think they have very bad direction (artistically and lore) nearly all their games , but they get a release .because they have infinite sources of money .

..not even one of them can be considered system-seller, killer-app, critical hit or whatever else (except maybe the Morrowind ) no wonder that the whole company sell itself so easily to MS (imo MS just wasted money to dominate market rather than have succesfull exclusive games in their belt)

gamer7804106d ago

I mean they make a wide variety of stuff, but I suppose if you only like competitive games then that might happen. But I disagree, Skyrim would be a system seller.

Dark_Overlord106d ago

You're not the only one, they're an over rated company that consistently pump out some of the most broken games ever made. I don't get why they get a free pass, when the modding community have to fix your games that's not a good sign.

kneon106d ago

I'm pretty sure that the only Bethesda games I've bought in the last decade were all Fallout games. And I'm done with Fallout after getting so bored with Fallout 4 that I never bothered to finish it.

Kavorklestein106d ago

You might not be the only one, but I wish you were. Bethesda games like Skyrim and Fallout has TONS of high quality lore. And games they have published like the Doom and Wolfenstein titles are not broken at all. Exceptionally well made shooters.

I think people have different tastes, and obviously not everyone likes every game, but they are not overrated and have made some of the best Western Rpg's ever. They have many Classic that live on with large communities to this day.

Zeref106d ago

Lol you think Elder Scrolls wouldn't be a system seller? 😂😂

Shit the hype for Starfield is at the same level as cyberpunk rn

Zhipp106d ago

Doom is the only Bethesda game I've ever played. Doom is incredible.

chippychan105d ago

Bethesda definitely makes games that can be considered system-sellers. Heck, the only reason I bought an xbox360 was because Fallout 3 was a timed exclusive. I wouldn't hesitate to buy their new xbox if Elder Scrolls, Fallout or even Starfield become exclusive.

I mean, its not like I can find a PS5 to buy anyway, lol. I'd be happy owning both if I can play the games I want to play.

fiveby9105d ago

At the end of the day, just make high quality games. That's all that will matter to consumers. Loyalty is fickle if you turn out poor quality. Just look at CDPR...

Imalwaysright105d ago

If Elder Scrolls and Fallout games aren't system sellers then there isn't a single game in existance that is.

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Orchard106d ago

Releasing sizzle reels on YouTube is propaganda? I guess every game company on the planet are propagandists then.

TranceHop 106d ago

Microsoft should let id software take over the Halo franchise, and 343 should work on a new IP.

BandarHub106d ago

I think we should wait until Halo Infinite comes out before we say that.
Because its gearing up to be pretty great for Halo and a new way to experience Halo games.

porkChop106d ago

Eh, id Software isn't a good fit for Halo. People want classic Halo back and that isn't the kind of shooters id make.

I do think that id Tech would be a good engine for a lot of Xbox's games though, including Halo.

Darkborn106d ago

I kinda thought that this would happen or at least Id would have a good look at it. It might be pushed back further if that's the case though.

DJStotty105d ago

That could have been the reason it was delayed, collaboration across these studios is going to amount to some great games.

Zeref106d ago

I don't think they'd do better than 343. And they definitely don't have the manpower. People underestimate what it takes to make a Halo game.

However a spinoff game by ID using ID Tech Engine would be very interesting.

Tedakin106d ago

Id should focus on more Dooms. So many more Dooms.

DJStotty105d ago

It is time for Quake (crosses fingers)

DJStotty105d ago (Edited 105d ago )

That would be great to have ID collaborate on Halo, big long time fan of ID Software.


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RaidenBlack106d ago

Did they show a glimpse of Starfield?
With no sign of Bloodlines 2 and Dying Light 2 in 2021, I hope Bethesda at least releases Starfield in 2021.

CBaoth105d ago

Starfield ain't happening. Hope you got some fallback games planned.

RaidenBlack105d ago

What other first person RPGs coming this year? Other than System Shock Remake?

Orchard106d ago

Pretty cool video of their history.

NeoGamer232105d ago

LOL. I would hardly call AC/DC in the background an emotional post though!

neutralgamer1992106d ago

Look it up the guy who started bathesda was kicked to the curb and his friend who he hired BTW stole the company from underneath him

green105d ago

And the moral of the story is......

neutralgamer1992105d ago

Don't cheat with anyone because now the guy who stole it passed away so what good did that achieve? Hopefully under ms bathesda can be a better company for gamers and it's employees

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