Officially Welcoming Bethesda to Team Xbox

Publisher of iconic gaming franchises will expand Xbox’s diverse portfolio on Xbox Game Pass This is an exciting day for Xbox. Today we officially complete the acquisition of ZeniMax Media, parent company of Bethesda Softworks.

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masterfox137d ago

man so many games that will...nah wont say it, MS is great with exclusives right.. right people ?, oh boy.

Nitrowolf2137d ago (Edited 137d ago )

We'll see. The blog already confirmed new and exclusive Bethesda games coming to Xbox and PC too. I wouldn't be surprised if Fallout/Elder scroll start rolling off PS platform in the future, with the exception of online geared experiences. Just guessing though. As long as MS doesn't mishandled it and we see studio dead in the next 10 years

Mr Pumblechook136d ago (Edited 136d ago )

After paying all that money of course Microsoft is going to want to make the Bethesda games exclusive! But I do think it will be sad for the PlayStation and Nintendo communities who've enjoyed the Bethesda game worlds for years if they don't get to play Starfield or Elder Scrolls VI or Fallout 5.

Microsoft will want to keep Elder Scrolls Online and Fallout '76 multiformat, but I see some of the multiformat audience abandoning the games if they are not allowed into the new single player games.

RauLeCreuset136d ago

Here's the actual quote, which is the only one from the entire blog that addresses exclusivity:

"With the addition of the Bethesda creative teams, gamers should know that Xbox consoles, PC, and Game Pass will be the best place to experience new Bethesda games, including some new titles in the future that will be exclusive to Xbox and PC players."

Notice they said "some." More easily overlooked is the implication of "Xbox consoles, PC, and Game Pass will be the best place to experience new Bethesda games...." The implication being that there are other places to experience new Bethesda games besides "Xbox consoles, PC, and Game Pass."

There's other wording creating a theme of inclusivity and servicing all players in that release that pops out as something they can circle back to later to defend from criticism over releasing on other consoles. Language they can cite to claim they were upfront about their intentions to release on other consoles.

ufo8mycat136d ago (Edited 136d ago )

Never understood the "It's sad that exclusives make it so Playstation or Xbox players don't get to play the other platforms exclusives"

Just get BOTH consoles. Problem solved.

RedDevils136d ago

Just get a PC problem solve. Nothing has change if you game on PC.

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We all know MS sucks when it comes to exclusives but let's see what they do with the acquisition before the bashing starts. MS is AT LEAST trying to fix that mistake however MS should have never been in this position in the first place. I will say I'm tired of ALWAYS waiting for MS to release exclusives and when they FINALLY do they usually suck (except Forza).

gamer7804136d ago

gears of war 5 and the hive busters were fantastic, sea of thieves, had a rough launch, but is one of the best multiplayer games now. Its subjective to each his own, but I'd honestly rather play either of those than tlou2.

TheKingKratos136d ago (Edited 136d ago )


You are such a salty bitch about the most awarded game of all time by Fans and Critics that you love to bring it up every single time you make a comment

Cry more please

Skywalker333136d ago

To be fair, they had a nice lineup in the original Xbox and a pretty good one in 360 with great many exclusive games. It is during the Xbox One era that they fudged up. It is clear that they are making large investments lately and hopefully they will be able to move away from the lackluster last generation and have a competitive selection of games.

RedDevils136d ago

What TLOU 2 has to do with MS, btw TLOU 2 still better than anything on xbox period even if you like it or NOT!

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frostypants136d ago

THIS time will be different. THIS time they won't absolutely ruin the studio. THIS time...

King_Noctis136d ago

I wonder why you would even bothered to comment at all.

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Espangerish137d ago

You have think that longer term Bethesda’s games will become Xbox/PC exclusives.

What all this tells me is that the perfect gaming setup is a PC and PS5. This should give the best of all worlds.

DEEHULK88137d ago

Well that's good because a lot of people claimed that they had PCs and now are wondering if games will stay on Playstation. If you have a PC, there is no reason to worry about if the games would be on Playstation unless you really don't have a PC.

Espangerish136d ago

‘If you have a PC, there is no reason to worry about if the games would be on PlayStation’

There is one reason...if you are lucky enough to have a high end PC you will get a better version of that game.

DiRtY136d ago

According to N4G every PS5 came bundled with a $1,999 Gaming PC.

RgR136d ago

Well it's also possible they prefer to stay in the playstation trophy system

kayoss136d ago

Thats his point. Everyone talk like they own a high end PC. If they dont own a High end PC, then why talk like they do?

DOMination-136d ago

It's kinda true. Everyone here used to say they will just play on PC yet 95% of the discussion is still about the exclusivity. Why does it even matter if y'all have super powerful gaming rigs? :D

Obscure_Observer136d ago

"If you have a PC, there is no reason to worry about if the games would be on Playstation unless you really don't have a PC."


DEEHULK88136d ago

I don't care where he plays because he is showing support to the platform

Teflon02136d ago

To be fair, Bethesda games were always games built as a mess outside of Doom. They always felt like games meant for PC.

While I prefer the Trophy system and like to stay in it. If the game doesn't exist on PS, it is what it is. Can't really complain about trophies not existing for a game not in the platform lol.

CaptainObvious878136d ago

I do have a PC, but excuse me for preferring to game on console.

Extermin8or3_136d ago

Unless perhaps you prefer to play on PlayStation.... like myself. With the exception of games like civ and AoE and Total war I'd rather play a game on my ps5 and before that my ps4 Pro than I would on my pc. Occasionally I play games on pc I have a large enough library of them but I find I just don't enjoy it as much, I get distracted by other things, there are qay more cheaters on most online games and the communities for online games are way way way way more toxic in like a stereotypical basement-dwelling acid spewing troll giving all hard-core gamers a bad name for decades.

Also now after years on psn I have a core group of close friends I frequently play games with on there aswell.

Master of Unlocking136d ago

I have a PC, and I have a couple reasons to worry about if TES VI will come out on Playstation. For equality's sake, because I'd like to play it with the DualSense, because I'd rather own the game in tangible form rather than just have some digital licence on Steam or Epic Games Store or Microsoft Store or w/e, because my PC is not beefy enough to run it, because my friends will be on PS5 a few years down the road and I'd like to send them screenshots of the vistas I'm gawking at while traversing Tamriel or w/e, etc.

All things considered it's more than a couple, actually.

RedDevils136d ago (Edited 136d ago )

@Dirty a high end gaming doesn't cost that much, unless you going for ultra setting on 4k. Beside if you're a gamer, there higher chance of you having a good pc to game on most modern game at 60fps +

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Neonridr137d ago

toss a Switch in there and you are covered. That's my setup currently

Teflon02136d ago

Yup I got a Gaming PC, PS5 and Switch. You literally can't go wrong with the setup, unless you can't afford the PC, though can just buy in parts like I did lol

RedDevils136d ago

Same here PC, PS5 and Switch. PC are pretty cheap to upgrade. Although I usually upgrade the GPU within 4/5 years cycle.

RazzerRedux137d ago

Yep. None of this changes anything for PC/PS gamers like us. I'll continue to play Zenimax/Bethesda games on PC like always.

RazzerRedux136d ago (Edited 136d ago )

"The salt is real"

Says the guy who is upset that my preferred gaming platforms are unaffected by any of this? lol....ok


"Who do you mean by “us”? The entire n4g community?"

"PC/PS gamers like us" refers to PC/PS gamers like Espangerish and myself. How that would ever be translated to "the entire n4g community", I have no idea.

Jericho1337136d ago

Who do you mean by “us”? The entire n4g community?

DEEHULK88136d ago

The support you show just keeps everything rolling, so keep buying them on PC. PC is pretty much a Microsoft platform anyway, so keep it up.

StoneyYoshi136d ago (Edited 136d ago )


Everyone is just Jelly that gamers like you, Espangerish, and I don't have anything to worry about when it comes to missing out on any exclusives. And DJStotty is just an Xbox fanboy who tries to act like he's platform neutral but fails to show that almost daily on here. Like... who TF would be salty about this if they wouldn't be missing out regardless? 😂 I think DJStotty just salty he can't enjoy PS exclusives aside from the 4 that are now on PC and this news makes him feel better about his platform choice for some reason.

Orchard136d ago

And that's totally fine - your dollars are the same dollars to Microsoft - regardless of whether you buy on a PC or an Xbox.

If anything, they might make a higher profit share given they aren't trying to recoup hardware losses from you.

RazzerRedux136d ago (Edited 136d ago )


It is a bit funny, isn't it? The reactions from Xbox fans are all over the place. You've got DJ saying I'm salty as I'll continue playing on PC as always (he doesn't say that when I say as much for Sony games). Then you've got the inevitable reminder that Microsoft gets money from people buying Microsoft games. That's a brilliant tidbit of information, isn't it? Helluva thing finding out these companies are selling games for the profit.


gamer7804136d ago

uh that's not what I got out of this, basically current games and deals will be honored, mmo's will be on both, but future titles will only be on xbox and pc. Either way if you don't have a box with a Microsoft OS, you'll need to get one to play future games.

RazzerRedux136d ago (Edited 136d ago )

"uh that's not what I got out of this, basically current games and deals will be honored, mmo's will be on both, but future titles will only be on xbox and pc. Either way if you don't have a box with a Microsoft OS, you'll need to get one to play future games."

"I'll continue to play Zenimax/Bethesda games on PC like always."

No idea how that statement doesn't jive with what you "got out of this". And the rest of your post is pure supposition.

InUrFoxHole136d ago

MS will appreciate your $

SyntheticForm136d ago (Edited 136d ago )

What I don't understand is how Microsoft getting your money is a win (or a loss) to ANY person in this comment section.

The same people who scream about how great choice is are upset that you're choosing to play certain games on PC and not Xbox - insanity.

To everyone else: Why shouldn't Razzer use his more flexible and probably more powerful option? You want him to use a lesser method to play his games? Why?

RazzerRedux136d ago


As always, you are the voice of reason.


As always, you are the voice of whoever else is yapping shit you agree with at the moment.

RedDevils136d ago

Xbox fan got feeling too :( Why does it bother them if people prefer to game on PC than Xbox?

DJStotty136d ago (Edited 136d ago )

"Says the guy who is upset that my preferred gaming platforms are unaffected by any of this? lol....ok"

But you still felt obliged to comment, making sure everyone knows your preferred gaming platforms, and how none of this will affect you? ok.....

Not upset here, i'm getting these games playable on gamepass day 1 on my Series X, why would i be upset about your choice?

As to your point "None of this changes anything for PC/PS gamers like us." you keep buying those PC versions of Microsoft 1st party, they still get your money either way lol.

DJStotty136d ago


" I think DJStotty just salty he can't enjoy PS exclusives"

Not really i have a PS4 in the living room, i just prefer xbox, just a personal choice, but yeah i can play both.

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JustTheFax136d ago

Only need a PC with Sony releasing their games on PC, and Yuzu covering switch games.

Father__Merrin136d ago

Sony won't be forfeiting the ps5 and release all its games on pc. What's the matter are not the collection of humble bundle indie gala & fanatical not enough?

StoneyYoshi136d ago

"Only need a PC with Sony releasing their games on PC, and Yuzu covering switch games."

You'll be waiting years to enjoy them after the original release, and theres no guarantee that ALL exclusives will end up on PC anyway.

JustTheFax136d ago (Edited 136d ago )

@Father__Merrin No, Valheim has been keeping me busy. You know, one of the most popular games right now that you can't play on console. Meanwhile my Ps5 and xbox series x are unplugged because they have no exclusive games to play. 🤷‍♂️

@StoneyYoshi I don't need to wait because I have the new consoles, but there really is no point to them right now anyway. But I saw some rumors about Sony releasing even more games to PC in the future. I guess we shall see right?

StoneyYoshi136d ago

"I don't need to wait because I have the new consoles, but there really is no point to them right now anyway. But I saw some rumors about Sony releasing even more games to PC in the future. I guess we shall see right?"

Right there with ya bud! But IMO Sony is still going to tread lightly with their porting choices for now. Believe it or not, Sony had multiple blockbuster hits that pushed console sales this past generation. So until that stops happening, it's going to be some time until a good amount of BIG exclusives will be available on PC. Especially with the new consoles being released. their focus is to push console sales so they can sell the games being made for PS5. Over the next 2 years, Im willing to bet that the games planning on being released on PC will all be PS4 titles.

Teflon02136d ago

Sony's been responsible for 1 big exclusive release on PS and another that did good but isn't a BIG title. That's nowhere near reasonable. I can't play Ratchet, and such on PC. But I can play gears, Forza Horizon, and anything else MS on PC though.

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mark_parch136d ago

perfect set up for me would be if gamepass became available on ps5, then i'd only need one console

DOMination-136d ago

By the end of the generation it will be and Sonys games will be on it.

bleedsoe9mm136d ago

As long as your on a Microsoft platform is some way they don't care how you do it.

StoneyYoshi136d ago (Edited 136d ago )

Yeah we know... But people on here do seem to care how we do it lol. People on here are acting like the ones who don't own an Xbox but play their games on PC don't wanna support Xbox which is absurd!

Teflon02136d ago

Most own a Windows computer anyways. But the thing is ppl will buy their games on Steam and Epic before windows store so they will get profits cut out. Unless they completely overhaul the windows store. It's a complete mess and the Phantasy Star situation was the prime example of why I'd never use again. Having to reinstall a game 40 times because the store doesn't allow proper executions of applications and will for some reason believe it can't start a operatable game. Also when I went outta my way to get Horizon 3 I think it was, it didn't allow me to use my PS control. Same with cuphead. But when I got the steam version of Lucky's tale and cuphead those worked perfectly with my PS control. Even with PS button prompts in cuphead.

DJStotty136d ago

Everyone is fully entitled to their platform of choice, be that PC/Playstation/Switch/Xbox or mobile.

I can not use the PC platform as it could probably just run Candy Crush or solitaire, it really struggles with Civilisation IV.

I may pick up a PS5 down the line if the funds merit i can do it, but at the moment, i just have to stick with PS4/Series X.

Zeref136d ago (Edited 136d ago )

My setup is Xbox, PC and my Phone, I can play my Xbox games everywhere I want. It feels great.

I'll probably get a PS5 later when Sony games are day and date on PSNow.

AngelicIceDiamond136d ago

What if PS5 games start going to PC? Then what would you do?

StoneyYoshi136d ago

Are we talking going to PC day in date with the PS5 or years down the road from original launch?

If it's the latter I would clearly play them on my PS5. If it's the former then it comes down to the type of game it is. FPS/cover based TPS I would go for the PC version but mostly anything else I would stick with playing on PS5.

RedDevils136d ago (Edited 136d ago )

Play on PC and PS5. If it on Steam I add it to my collection.

RgR136d ago

Well to be frank. The Xbox series s is fairly cheap. As I've said before it would be best to take the cheap route and get the series s along with a couple of months of gamepass

Sayai jin136d ago

With that logic and the fact that more and more PS games will be coming to the PC, then you only need a PC.

NeoGamer232136d ago

The perfect gaming setup is having a PC, PS5, XSX, Switch, Android Phone/Tablet, and Apple Phone/Tablet.

That way you can play any game that comes out that you might want to play.

Unfortunately every platform has exclusives, and to play those exclusives you have to be on the platform.

DJStotty136d ago (Edited 136d ago )

Lol yeah, i need some kind of cabinet for my consoles to live (a few are tucked away in drawers).

I have Mega Drive/Snes/Game Gear/PSP/DS/PS4/Xbox 360/Xbox One/Xbox One X/Series X and a pitiful PC.

Edit : oh i forgot Samsung tablet and of course the one 99% of people have, mobile :)

NeoGamer232135d ago

Ya, I won't even go into my previous generations consoles for the ultimate setup. I have consoles dating all the way back to 1978. Coleco, Atari, Intellivision, Nintendo, Sega, etc. That is just a slippery slope I have gone down!

gamer7804136d ago (Edited 136d ago )

oh absolutely, mmo games and current games will continue to be on playstation, but anything else will be exclusive. Whatever combo of systems you enjoy go for it, personally I game on all 3 consoles and my pc is a dedicated design machine.

Saijahn136d ago

The perfect gaming setup is wherever you want to play. But on Tyne surface it would be pc as Jim Ryan has already confirmed more ps exclusives are losing that exclusive title and going to pc.

The only ones that seem to not understand where gaming has been trending is the ps exclusive elitists. They getting left behind hanging onto old ways

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Father__Merrin137d ago

I really want to learn about the bigger games like elder scrolls and doom where they will go.

My guess they will remain on PlayStation let's wait and see