The Division 2 Update 1.32 Released for Season Reruns

Massive has rolled out The Division 2 update 1.32 March 9 patch, & this is to fix crashing issues, & also to bring Season 1 back into rotation

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I think it's time to move on to Division 3.

JeffGUNZ59d ago

Not anytime soon, the team working on the division 2 now is barebones because lots of staff have been pulled for the avatar game and new star wars game. I agree though, the Division needs a new installment sooner then later. Would be cool if they added game modes like the underground from D1.

Dirtnapstor59d ago

Massive needs to do a full fledged zombies expansion. Their cityscapes are ripe for it.

Darkborn59d ago

I always wondered if they would do that as a type of mutation of the virus randomly when turn game gets stale like right now.

Spenok59d ago

I'd be all over that if it happened. Having just recently gotten the platinum for it I've found a serious groove with the game. This would add an extra dynamic to it as well.

D3TH_D33LR59d ago

Considering you can only go so far in designing human “spongy” enemies, I wish they would...

AKS57d ago

I wish they would add another Survival expansion; that was my favorite mode in Division 1. They don't seem to be interested in doing it, though.