Catalyst 8.12 to bring performance improvements too

FiringSquad writes:

"We already knew that this month's Catalyst driver release would emphasize AMD's Stream processing initiative, with a new Avivo video converter utility offering video transcoding support for many popular video formats. However the new driver will also bring performance improvements for gamers. In their testing ATI touts the following performance enhancements in Catalyst 8.12:

Crysis Warhead:+2-3%
Devil May Cry 4:+1-6%
Far Cry 2: noAA scores are fixed for Crossfire configs; this is worth +20% on slower cards, and as much as 70% on faster ones; +5-10% gains when AA is enabled
Left 4 Dead:+ 2-4%
Lost Planet Colonies:+ 3-10%, mostly in Area 2
STALKER Clear Sky:+5-10%, primarily on Crossfire configurations

Catalyst 8.12 will be released one week from today, Wed December 12th. I'm currently testing the driver with Sapphire's Radeon 4850 X2 and hope to have the review up shortly."

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JonahFalcon3696d ago

I don't use AMD, though. NVidia here.