Cloud gaming firm Blade seeking investment after filing for bankruptcy

Company behind Shadow service has also been placed in receivership in France, claims it is a "victim of its own success"

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ABizzel164d ago

Cloud gaming just isn't ready yet. The people around the world with expendable income would rather own their platforms than pay for a cloud service currently. Everyone is trying to go for the cellphone gamer, but the cellphone gamer is playing Candy Crush, Clash Royale, mobile RPGs etc..., not Halo, COD, God of War.

And they're doing it on cellphones which are significantly closer to a necessity than a console or PC, out of convenience (since they have their phone with them close to 90% of the time), because their mobile network is often better than their home internet, and because the content they play is overwhelmingly geared towards free to play.

ThinkThink64d ago

Yeah, cloud gaming and VR and in the same boat. I wouldn't expect either to be mainstream for a very long time.