Celebrate International Women's Day With Humble's Female Hero Sale

Save Up To 90% Off With Humble's Female Hero Sale. The games include Resident Evil 2 & 3, Tomb Raider series, and more.

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bouzebbal68d ago

what's the idea behind women's day? just wondering...

Sidewinder-68d ago

International Women's Day (IWD) is a global holiday celebrated annually on March 8 to commemorate the cultural, political, and socioeconomic achievements of women. It is also a focal point in the women's rights movement, bringing attention to issues such as gender equality, reproductive rights, and violence against women.

bouzebbal68d ago (Edited 68d ago )

Again, what's the point? What did you do today for women cause? Useless garbage

stupidusername68d ago

Why are you bothered?
We’ve got national day, liberty day, christmas, easter and so on. Why not celebrate woman finally getting basic rights while highlighting problems where work need to be done?
I don’t get why people suddenly start to ask question’s about women’s day, we’ve even got our own international men’s day on november 19th.

Sidewinder-68d ago

I listened to "Women" by Def Leppard. Cause it's a banger.

TravsVoid68d ago

Gender is a social construct.

gamer780468d ago (Edited 68d ago )

It doesn’t include girls just FYI only grown women.

curtain_swoosh68d ago

hi, i would like to tell you that its NOT a global holiday.

please get your facts straight before u say such a thing.
it is a holiday for some countries, true, but its not a global holiday, cause that would mean everyone recognises it as such.

P_Bomb68d ago

I still have a Hysteria t-shirt, thing’s damn near nuke proof!

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TravsVoid68d ago

Just another way for companies to sell product and people eat it up.

BLow68d ago (Edited 68d ago )

Well, I figured there was going to be a least one. And you are the winner. Even the 1st comment too. Congratulations.

I mean clearly you are intelligent enough for asking this wonderful question. You don't know how to Google? What about reading a book?

You need the attention or are men not getting enough and that it triggered you lol. Y'all are funny. Have a good day and hopefully the women can too.

BlackTar18768d ago (Edited 68d ago )

You guys are so full of hate.

Edit sorry about assuming your gender.

Still are some of the most hateful people on the planet.

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Elda68d ago

If it wasn't for a woman you wouldn't be here on this site making that absurd comment.

anast67d ago

This comment is a bit trollish or the author is misanthropic. I'm not sure which.

CrimsonWing6967d ago

I'm going to take a stab at this, but I'm pretty sure it's a day to acknowledge and celebrate female achievements and endeavors.

F0XH0UND92267d ago

Probably the dumbest question I've seen this year so far lol

66d ago
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F0XH0UND92267d ago

Cry more? Lmao Does being a virgin make you lash out on the internet?

anast67d ago

This is a cool idea. I have played most of these games though.