Genshin Impact's Upcoming Event Banners Are a Huge Bummer for F2P Players

Chris writes: "Genshin Impact update 1.4 is coming up in a few weeks, but the new character banners present a dilemma for F2P players."

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Kaii192d ago

If she were In the venti banner, I'd roll. (Due to Venti)
Got Dilic+Ganyu & I'd only roll(spend) if my Artifact drops been good that week, month, eternity.
Don't spend to then Invest, throw resources on your best current main dps and shuffle around after

Dark_Overlord191d ago

Venti - 5 Star
Rosaria - 4 Star

You're guaranteed 1 4 Star every ten wishes, just doing the event and commisions for the duration of her banner will get you prob 20 wishes regardless of what you spend on Venti, plus all 4 stars go into the Blue Wish category, meaning she'll be permanently available.

Meaning if you want Venti go for Venti and don't stress about Rosaria, she'll be on a banner again long before Venti ever will.

Teflon02191d ago

Yup Diona and Xinyan were added to all banners just after Diona was added so it's seriously no big deal. Plus I don't get what would be a bummer. Just pull for what you want. If you don't get, that's life. It's a reason the playstyle is f2p anyways, can't always get what you want. I pulled Jean essentially 3 times in a row, as my Hu Tao and Ganyu's were off 100%'s. Pulled Jean first on Hu Tao's, First on Ganyu's and just before I pulled on ganyu's I got her off normal banner pity lol. Those were the last 5 5stars I got. Think before that was Qiqi back in around the time Klee was added lol

LG_Fox_Brazil191d ago

Actually, this is perfect for F2P players. A lot of us didn't get lucky enough to get a Venti and now is our chance to prepare ourselves for his banner. Same thing for Tartaglia

Azurite191d ago

I agree, it's good for F2P players to see returning banners. But I think what the author means is that out of the two coming banners Venti's is most important and you may have to sink all your wishes there and miss out on Rosaria.

LG_Fox_Brazil190d ago

That's nonsense. Rosaria has a much higher chance to appear in other banners coming in the next months. Venti won't be around for quite a while after this, maybe even a year

CaptainObvious878190d ago

I started playing around a month after the release of the game, so I missed out on venti.

I know how amazing he is, so (except for getting a single razor drop) I haven't spent a single wish or primo gem. I have been playing basically everyday, saving up everything, missing out on everything, just so I could wish on venti when his banner drops again.

If he doesn't drop for me, after my excruciating discipline, I'll be quitting the game...

justadelusion191d ago (Edited 191d ago )

oof, well i was planning on rosaria but im not risking pulling childe so close to pity

ecchiless191d ago

got qiqin when i was trying to get hu tao, so im ok for Rosaria, dont wanna childe.

CptDville190d ago

Game lost momentum for me. I personally never got attached to the history and I'm not a fan of Gasha systems. F2P will always be far inferior from paying players and game always seek to turn you into a whale.

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