GameSpot: WWE SmackDown! vs. Raw 2009 Review

GameSpot writes: "In the WWE, it's not uncommon for seemingly vanquished superstars to return at random, handing out fresh beatdowns and earning back their former glory. After a disappointing showing last year, THQ's long-running SmackDown vs. Raw series has returned to the ring, having spent the year slimming down and focusing on its core strengths. The work has paid off: a lot of extraneous elements have been removed, the creation toolset is better than ever, and there are two modes that offer satisfying single-player arcs. Though it is still hampered by a number of lingering issues, WWE SmackDown vs. Raw 2009 manages to recapture some of the glory of its younger years."

The Good

* Impressive array of different moves
* Great-looking superstars and arenas
* Robust creation tools, including new create-a-finisher
* Solid single-player modes
* Lots of different match types

The Bad

* Weak sound effects lessen the impact
* Lag hampers online matches
* Characters maneuver somewhat clumsily
* Occasional clipping and animation issues

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