The Absolute State of Cold War Servers

Sung Lee: Even after release, server issues continue to plague Call of Duty: Black Ops: Cold War. What's the problem and what can be done?

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Majors60d ago

I dont know how this turd is still floating.. The amount of cheats and hacks on the pc version is ridiculous and they are still throwing tournaments and massive amounts of cash to winners. And that's the problem, where there's money there are cheats trying to steal it.
Maybe if the put a price on the game it would deter some cheaters ?

BenRC0159d ago

That's why I play on ps5 with crossolay off. Been playing since launch, very few issues in recent months.

sourOG59d ago

If the risk is worth it there will always be cheating. There is no way around it. Taking the prize away would deter cheating.