Game Stooge Review: Tomb Raider: Underworld

Game Stooge writes: "A sigh of relief echoed worldwide when developer Crystal Dynamics resurrected the Tomb Raider franchise after Angel of Darkness had Lara Croft fans vowing to never play again. Crystal Dynamic's first effort, Tomb Raider: Legend, though, was a bland, self-proclaimed learning experience with simple puzzles, short levels, and uninspired gun-play, but gamers' favorite heroine Lara was back.

Anniversary, Crystal Dynamic's second franchise release showcased new context-animations, and a time-bending battle system aimed to innovate gameplay. Despite the merit of these new features, Anniversary was plagued by messy level layout that was intended to expand on the levels of the first Tomb Raider. Crystal Dynamic's collaboration with the original developer, Core Design, was evident in the puzzle-design of Anniversary. It was decidedly more difficult than Legend and generally recognized as superior game."

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