Illinois State Representative seeks to ban GTA 5, but why? [Exclusive Interview]

Micah of Spiel Times interviews Marcus C. Evans Jr., Illinois state representative for the 33rd district, and learns why they want to ban Grand Theft Auto and violent video games in their state.

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NecrumOddBoy59d ago

These people are disconnected from reality that they can’t see their own crap they stand in. This has been a ball passed back and forth across the aisle for ages. Instead of fixing their win cities, they deflect, project, and blame. It was Mortal Kombat in the early 90s, Doom after Columbine; and almost everyone of these people have dumb reasons why video games are to blame. It’s such a joke.

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BattleCat57d ago (Edited 57d ago )

Or maybe we are disconnected from reality. I'm also against it. But some people do so things, because they saw it in video games and want to try it. But this works with everything. Movies, YouTube videos...

CptDville57d ago

In this sense we should stop advertisements so people won't get "the need" to buy new stuff, stop the news about anything against the law so people don't get any wrong ideas, we should also stop him from talking cause every time this type of discussion hits the spotlight people will be influenced to try violent games.
Oh crap, there is no way out. We are doomed!

JackBNimble57d ago

Some people want to do violent things because they are psychotic .

Knightofelemia59d ago (Edited 59d ago )

Got to love it when video games are always to blame for dumbest shit and is always the first form of entertainment to get the finger pointed at it. I am not American so what prevents me from going out of State to grab the game if I live in a border town and what's to stop me from ordering it off of Amazon or Ebay. Are you going to train the cops to arrest my ass because I went to Wal Mart or Best Buy in another State to grab GTA? Are you going to get every package from Amazon or as a gift from my grandmother x rayed to see if the package has GTA in it? Or are you going to train a dog to sniff out a package that has GTA in it? No seems like a real waste of cash to do all that just to block me from buying a game. Yet kids see more violence on tv and movies but yet they get the ok card I watched Robocop as a kid saw Murphy lose his had I have not gone out and done dumb violent shit. It's not the violence from video games that make people go out and do dumb shit it's the idiot who thinks it's a good idea to go out and do the violent shit. I can understand a person playing a violent video game and ignoring a crying kid and then slaps the kid to shut up. It's not the games fault it's the idiot who holds the controller who is at fault. It just like a gun it's not the guns fault for killing someone it's the dumbass who shot the gun who is at fault.

This pattern is getting old and stale every so many years blame video games light that torch grab those pitch forks then after a while it fizzles out. Then after so many years blame the video games again light those torches grab those pitch forks again then it fizzles out again. Wash, rinse, repeat this bill will most likely not pass because of one thing the tax money the government will make from that purchase of that game whether physical or digital. And that's the last thing any greedy government stooge wants to do is cut off any source of tax revenue. And they will see people will go out of State or go some where else to buy that banned game and that other State will get the tax dollars. And they don't want that or have people doing that.

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Laskin57d ago

No where do they mention that he's a democrat. When it's a republican - it's always in the headline or the first paragraph. Fact check me on that.

metalhead57d ago (Edited 57d ago )

Does the person who disagreed to this belong to Q?

RauLeCreuset57d ago


The two people who disagreed at this point. I can't narrow down to a specific reason why people disagree with stuff here. People will disagree with a comment like "cancer sucks." I've seen stuff along those lines. Could be anything from trolls to people denying facts to protect the bubble they've sealed themselves in.

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RauLeCreuset57d ago


1) And? Laskin made a false claim and challenged people to fact check that claim. I did.

2) People know what party Trump belongs to because he was the leader of the party. I don't think pointing out the leader of the party was the one doing it in the Republican example is a plus for whatever Laskin was going for.

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sourOG57d ago

He’s from Chicago. What else would he be?

T2X57d ago (Edited 57d ago )

Pretty sure Chicago has always been a crime hotspot. It would have nothing to do with being a Republican or Democrat. The fact remains that many Republican states also have crime problems. It's a byproduct of poverty. They also seem to always neglect to mention that there is a rating system to buy M rated games. And how would they implement a ban when you can just download a file over the network.

respekanize9157d ago

@T2X You have no clue about chicago politics. YIKES. They literally pushed all the poor people to one side of chicago threw guns and drugs in it and said HAVE AT IT. LITERALLY SUPER MAJORITY FOR DECADES.

Google is your friend. Name a HUGE city in AMERICA with ISSUES and I GUARENTEE its run by DEMOCRATS.

sourOG57d ago

Al Capone etc I know. He’s saying they didn’t mention that he was a democrat. I’m just saying it’s Chicago, of course he’s a democrat. You don’t even have to mention it. It’s as obvious as the other example “they didn’t mention Trump was Republican”. Well no shit, he’s the most well know politician ever. It’s obvious.

Dee_9157d ago


Most cities with crime issues have states ran by a republican majority for a majority of the time. Illinois being one of the few that were pretty much equal throughout its history. You can google it if you want.. If you trust google..

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sourOG57d ago (Edited 57d ago )

You’re both right. Most big cities are run by democrats and they are run like absolute shit. Incompetent boobs. Most state legislatures are run by republicans and they are run like absolute shit. Incompetent boobs. Congress is 50/50 and its run like absolute shit. Incompetent boobs. Once society figures this out we’ll be in a much better spot. It’s not left vs right, white vs black, rich vs poor or none of that bullshit. The establishment careerists are all the same, its one party. It’s you and me vs them. That’s how it always was and always will be. The people vs the state.

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