Watch Dogs: Legion's Multiplayer On PC Has Been Delayed Indefinitely Because Of Bugs

Announced on Twitter, the PC version of Legion’s online mode has been delayed due to bugs causing the game to crash.

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StoneyYoshi60d ago

They always have had issues with the online play with all 3 games. It's pretty pathetic that they cant figure out their own stuff.

georeo60d ago

There was never a patch With the first game. It wasn’t horrible, but sometimes it would infinite load while searching for a match.

rdgneoz360d ago

Never really had much problems with the first game in multiplayer. Ride around with a few friends and just destroy cop cars as they chased after us.

adamwparker60d ago


Developers need to stop being afraid of delaying games from their previous deadlines if the games still need tweaking.
Last year might have FINALLY been the year to push that over the edge.

cammers199560d ago

What a laughable developer. They can't seem to fix any of their problems.

Soy60d ago

Also: because the game sucks.