PC modder creates fully functioning water cooled PlayStation 5

Custom hardware designer says he will make water cooled consoles commercially available.

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Duke1958d ago

Interesting project, but wow thats horrendous lol

Babadook758d ago

You thought the PS5 was big. This thing isn't big, it UUUUUUGGGEEE!

Storm2358d ago

It’s pretty much the same size as the PS5...

lonewolf1058d ago

With the white plastic casing it is the same size, if those were removed it would be quite a bit smaller, there are pictures of them side by side towards the end of the article.

Tech558d ago (Edited 58d ago )

"Interesting project, but wow thats horrendous lol"

if the design speaks to you i guess. same with the original look.
for me, both designs have extra material going beyond the core shape for my taste.
the PS5 has a good core shape, as seen in the example -
i would be most interested in seeing a concept that blends well with the core shape.

my two cents.

S2Killinit58d ago

It looks really cool actually.

djl348558d ago

Not sure you know how things work.

People can mod consoles, it's not illegal.

cell98958d ago

But the article states he’s planing to make it commercial and sale them

ShadowWolf71257d ago

@cell Technically not illegal, so long as he makes it clear that it's no longer covered by warranty and Sony is in no way liable for any issues.

djl348557d ago


Still not illegal.

RedDevils58d ago

Yeah in Vietnam, good luck with that Sony.

Magog58d ago

If he had left off all the white plastic it would have looked better.

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The story is too old to be commented.