91 Stunning KZ2 Screens From

A selection of stunning KZ2 screens,the first 91 images are from the single player portion of the game that was previewed today.

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RememberThe3573702d ago

I am super hyped for this game. Some of the screenshots look OK, but others looked fantastic. I'm buying a new t.v. for this game. No lie.

buy a ps33702d ago (Edited 3702d ago )

you would need to play it on an imax to see a problem with the graphics.

airheadluffy3702d ago

i think this game looks better in motion than in screens. its just beautiful to watch in motion.

PS3 FTW3702d ago

I just learned a new skill! I'm typing completely blind cus my eyes couldn't take the insane detail in KZ2 and exploded.

Now I'm going to blind-dial an ambulance.

RememberThe3573702d ago

lol that reminded me of the beginning of Kung Fu Panda.

"My eyes!" "He's too awesome!"

lol I love that movie.

Traveler3702d ago

Yes, this game definitely looks better in motion when you can see all the beautiful lighting and post-processing effects at work. The screenshots still look awesome though.

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Danja3702d ago

some of these screen shots look outta this world...the lighting is superb and detail is top notch , the textures are some of the best i've seen....good job super hyped for this game now...

GVON3702d ago (Edited 3702d ago )

some are truly insane.
does the title sound fanboyish? because that's not what I want do,it's just some hot pics to me.

Danja3702d ago

nah the title is didn't have to include Playscope in it...but it's KZ2..fanboys are gonna come running in here hating once they see that name

buy a ps33702d ago

OMG it is so Cool the texture the lighting the best game ever....i just peed myself

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MediaSpin3603702d ago

Im still stunned over the videos. Ive doubted the Ps3 but after seeing those videos iom still picking my jaw off the floor.

Easily, Hands Down, one of the most impressive games i have ever seen in my entire life... Glad I own a Ps3.

Traveler3702d ago

I agree. Very glad to own a PS3 indeed. Guerrilla are so talented and they pulled off what many people thought was impossible: virtually matching the quality of that original CG trailer. All I can say is kudos to the developers and...February needs to get here ASAP!

crimsonfox3702d ago

this game seriously looks to good to be true...i mean seriously

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The story is too old to be commented.