People Can Fly Explains Why Outriders Doesn't Have PvP

Outriders developer People Can Fly explains why Outriders PvP isn't available and how it's looking at post-launch content.

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DJStotty61d ago

In my opinon, PVE co-op produces a better experience overall than PVP. More often than not with PVP you are at the mercy of P2P hosting, as well as algorithms introduced in the game to make it "playable" for all skill ranges.

justsomeoffdude60d ago

pvp will just get ruined by cheaters

Lexreborn260d ago

I was just about to say this, PvP in almost every game has a wealth of cheaters if the game isn't sanctioned and monitored and even then they have to many cheaters. Then you have the problem of balancing the expectations of PvP from what was viable against the computer versus live people.

But, there is also no reward for playing fairly in PvP online which adds unwanted grievances/stress.

BenRC0159d ago

Maybe you all just suck. Sick of hearing about "cheaters" from ppl that can't string 2 kills together

metalhead60d ago

PVP is the only reason I steer clear of multiplayer games like this. I'll give it a shot after reading this article.

excaliburps60d ago

Not needing to balance PvP alongside PvE means the devs can focus and listen to the community more too.

Darkborn60d ago

Exactly. Some games suffer on one end because people cry about how their one experience is unbalanced and the devs end up tweaking the whole game to fix a problem or two and and they end up causing more problems.

bitchesleave60d ago

No pvp means game will be dead after 3 months

Welshy60d ago

Please list specific titles which were great games but "died" exclusively due to lack of PVP.

DJStotty57d ago

So do single-player games die after 3 months due to the lack of PVP?

Please elaborate further....

Duke1960d ago

Give me PVE multiplayer alongside solo gameplay ANY DAY.

So tired of PVP holding back more interesting PVE options because everything has to be perfectly "balanced"

isarai60d ago

Cause not every game needs PVP, and most PVP sucks these days anyway

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The story is too old to be commented.