Nintendo celebrating MAR10 Day with new Switch game sale

MAR10 day is coming up very soon, and Nintendo is celebrating the event with some special discounts.

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cammers1995140d ago

Anyone else finding switch sales to be a joke? Way too expensive for a sale.

Applejack140d ago

Do you forget to put your Nintendo glasses on? Honest mistake. 😉

CobraKai140d ago

Applejack was joking. People with Nintendo glasses on see Nintendo games as so top quality, no matter how bad or good, that they don’t even need to go on sale, even after 10 years. So with the glasses on, such a sale is something we should be ever so thankful for.

bouzebbal139d ago

Yay finally a huge sale on ports 🤦‍♂️

Snookies12140d ago

Yep, that's Nintendo! Terrible company, great games!

FinalFantasyFanatic138d ago

Aren't they always, the best you can hope for is 30%, I don't think I've ever seen a first party game cheaper than that.

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HankHill140d ago (Edited 140d ago )

It's $38.88 at Walmart and Amazon. Physical and digital.

Vanfernal140d ago

Nice! I'll be sure to jump on that!

PectoralFlex140d ago

No Mario’s Game Gallery smdh

Going to satisfy my bloodlust with Luigi’s Mansion 3, despite the fact that this “Luigi” character is an utter mystery to moi.

Neonridr140d ago

I'd call $20 off a sale, yes.

FallenAngel1984140d ago

$21 off on 2-3 year old titles doesn’t sound like much of a discount

Neonridr139d ago (Edited 139d ago )

I agree, but by definition it's a sale.

Now calling it a good sale is a different thing.

RedDevils139d ago

This is another way of Nintendo saying thank you, we will rob you again.

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