It's time: Xbox's achievement system is due for an upgrade

The Xbox platform has grown and evolved into a polished powerhouse that is a far, far cry from what we had with the Xbox One launch in 2013.

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RazzerRedux35d ago

"Sony's trophy system is a bit more granular, awarding different levels of achievements based on the difficulty, rather than a flat score. In addition, PlayStation's "platinum trophies" signify 100% completions of games — something Xbox doesn't have, and something that is often highly-requested. "

This is what makes trophy hunting (for me at least) fun on PlayStation. I really don't care about Xbox achievements. Or Steam achievements, for that matter. Going for that platinum gives PS gaming an extra level that just isn't elsewhere, but it really needs to be. The number of Platinum trophies is more meaningful to me than some arbitrary gamerscore number.

NecrumOddBoy35d ago

I thought Xbox does a special badge for getting the 1000g on a game. I am not sure if this is true or what.

RazzerRedux35d ago

I don't think badges are tied to achievements.

Gaming4Life198135d ago

I like xbox achievement system alot better than ps trophy system. I do care about trophies on ps but not more than xbox achievements. On xbox achievements feel more meaningful and on ps it feels like an add on. Regardless I will always be an achievement/trophy hunter because im a completionist.

Pocahontas35d ago

Why elaborate. What’s great about an arbitrary number. I think you’re just an Xbox achievement person because that’s what came out first.

Tacoboto35d ago

I'd argue that if one's to feel like an add-on, why does the other not?

Developers weigh goals by points on Xbox; those same developers weigh the same goals by rank on PS. That scaling seems equally arbitrary to me.

So I like them both equally - for me it's just the satisfaction of accomplishing something with the time I put in. And even a bronze trophy in Demons Souls felt like a Gold to me.

RazzerRedux35d ago

How do PS trophies feel like an "add on"?

rayford1534d ago

My meaningless trophies on PlayStation allowed me to preorder and get a PS5 on day one, that shit really is useless

DaveZero34d ago

I like xbox achievos better I must admit, but both consoles achievements have some very annoying ones that only a lunatic would try do because of devs making some super tough or super tedious. I remember way back for battlefield 2, just 2 achievos alluded me and I never felt so mad, forgot what they were exactly again but I were super pissed lol.

Blade9234d ago (Edited 34d ago )

Ohhh yeah going to have to strongly disagree with you on that one. Xbox achievements just fell empty to me I simply have no desire to get them. But fighting for those PS trophies to get that sweet platinum to top it off! It's just prefect.

But to each his own. I respect that you like achievements over trophy, but for me...trophies all day!

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Shiore2u35d ago

It's all the same shit. You can't do anything with them.

RazzerRedux35d ago

The differences are exactly what are being discussed so no, it isn't all the same shit.

Not sure what I would "do" with any of it. It is the challenge.

RazzerRedux35d ago (Edited 35d ago )

Shhh. You can go back to sleep now.

Edit: Repeating yourself? lol....irony

Gaming4Life198135d ago

You get rewards from earning achievements and trophies. I always cash in on the rewards and you should too if your not doing so.

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Gaming4Life198135d ago (Edited 35d ago )

The trophies feel more like an add on because the trophy system is not in your face like achievements are at least not on ps4. Xbox achievements are always in your face and tracking and you feel rewarded as you unlock them, you get an unmissable notification that elaborates on what you did. On ps when you unlock a trophy its a small message or sound and nothing else. Like i said i like both but xbox achievements was the beginning and while im glad most companies have adopted it but xbox is still king in that department. Playstation trophies was an add on and they have constantly been trying to make it better which they have. Imo

CYALTR34d ago

G4L, you mention cashing in achievement points for Rewards, could you explain? I know you can get Reward points for completing some achievements, but I've never heard of "cashing in" achievement points for Reward points. Thanks

strifeblade35d ago

I prefer gamer score over trophies any day. Game score to me is a % completion of a game out of 1000. On ps what are you going to tell me? How many bronze silver and gold you got on a game? On Xbox is a simple score. Yes PlayStation has platinum and Xbox is if you got 1000/1000. It's less about your over all score and more about what you did on each game. Don't touch the achievement system.

bujasem_8935d ago

Not to touch your system, but Ps offers a %100 with all games and dlc along with the trophies.

DaveZero34d ago (Edited 34d ago )

I used to crazy achieve hunt on xbox and playstation but i now just play the games and if they happen they happen.s

Now if Microsoft offered some Microsoft credits for each achieve, I'd be on it like crazy up day and night completing them.

Gaming4Life198134d ago

They do i cash my rewards in all the time so i always have money on my account. You have to goto the rewards app on xbox its actually really simple to build up points and get cash.

Kurt Russell34d ago

I am personally the other way. I like the xbox gamerscore setup. I treat it like an ongoing score of my gaming and I find the monthly competitions on who scores the most VS your friends list addicting.
Whilst on my PS4, I don't track what I get as much. I like the platinum trophy idea (of which I only have about 8 or 9)... but outside of that I mostly ignore them.

anast34d ago

I agree with Razzer on this one. I have one Plat. and that one trophy is meaningful to me. If it were just a score it would not be meaningful unless I knew what the score stood for, as in how do I "win".

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franwex35d ago

Gotta admit that platinum trophies hit different.

GamerRN35d ago

Gotta admit, the diamond achievements that say only a certain percentage have completed hit the best

franwex35d ago (Edited 35d ago )

Yep. Those too. But Platinum are best for me.

GamerRN35d ago

Personally, I think the whole thing is a silly debate. The games are what matter

Seraphim35d ago

gotta love to see when only 70% of players even played the first 10-30 minutes to get that first trophy XD

Knightofelemia35d ago

The ability to see the secret achievements would be nice I like that ability a lot on the secret trophies of the PS4 when I play game. Click on the secret trophy hit the square button and boom the PS4 tells what the trophies is.

chiefJohn11735d ago

It wouldn't be a secret if it tells you lol wtf?

SamPao35d ago

Its optional. You can look it up on the internet so its just annoying to not be able to do so

P_Bomb35d ago (Edited 35d ago )

They’re not worth being secret 90% of the time. Just annoying. Beat a chapter. Beat the game. Like duh. The ability to pull back the curtain has been great. Saves a trip to the Internet.

chiefJohn11735d ago

Most secret achievements are side quest or finding an easter egg.

P_Bomb35d ago (Edited 35d ago )

One of the only ones I’ve seen of value in recent years has been Kratos’ weapon upgrade. Big story spoiler. Saying hi to Rosie in Walking Dead: Final Season isn’t worthy imo.

Just a peeve of mine. The odd list with nothing but secret achievements? Ugh, lol!

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Pickledpepper34d ago

Then it's not really a secret

P_Bomb34d ago (Edited 34d ago )

Probably why they’re called hidden on PS, not secret. Nevermind the word secret. FF7 remake has 18 some odd HIDDEN ones just for beating each chapter. What’s to hide?

1Victor35d ago (Edited 35d ago )

Well if no one complains how is Microsoft going to know it’s broken and need fixing.

You know what they say about if it isn’t broken 🤷🏿
Oh also I like how all the trophies show you a rarity percentage of people that got it

Atticus_finch35d ago

Xbox has more important things to worry about like how to raise the price for their sub services.

Spartacus1034d ago

I have PS+ and PS Now and it costs me more than game pass ultimate would if I had an xbox. And I still dont get to play EA access games.

Atticus_finch34d ago

With ps± you get the PS collection and amazing AAA titles every month including the launch of brand new games Day 1. With Ps now you get over 800 games to stream and download.
And EA access is incredible sad with like 4 games worth playing. It's 5 dollars and I still wouldn't pay it.
My initial comment is in reference to the fact that Xbox tried doubling their sub prices with no new or better offerings while the same service has been severely lacking any good games for the past months. Xbox GP is bleeding money and xbox started the gen with -7 billion. So you better believe those subs will go up in price substantially.

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