Top 10 Ways Demon's Souls (2020) is Better than the Original

Zahi AR. writes: "While the 2009 original title is a classic, the 2020 remake significantly improves on almost all aspects of the game. Today, we look at the top 10 ways Demon’s Souls 2020 is better than the original."

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Sonic-and-Crash37d ago (Edited 37d ago )

some of these features are good yes but visually og Demon Souls is not inferior ....its art design , concept art, styllistic and lighting choices are better than PS5 remaster...the original had an environmental atmophere that didnt pass down to the Remake ...It was ominous , realistic in some way and mysterious altogether ...while PS5 Remake had an arcadish Diablo feel

Rocketisleague37d ago

I'll say 2020 is more visually and sound is of higher quality, but it did leave the atmosphere behind, you can tell from soft didn't make this one.and is missing their charm. Can imagine bloodborne losing what's best about it if it gets remade

VerminSC37d ago

As someone that still LOVES the remake, I tend to agree. FromSoftware has a unique melancholy style that didn’t quite carry over.

Downvotes are from people that likely didn’t play the original, or don’t pay attention to games atmosphere/ambiance.

toxic-inferno37d ago

I never played the original, and have only seen gameplay of it on YouTube. I think I agree to an extent - what you don't see due to the graphics does change how you see certain areas, and adds a degree of atmosphere.

It hits certain areas worse than others. I have to say that Valley of Defilement looks better in the remake - but that's such a frustrating level anyway that it doesn't take much to improve it!

Giraiga1336d ago

@VerminSC that's for N4G for you.

B_Rian8937d ago

I kinda felt the same way about the PS4 remake of Shadow of the Colossus. I hink the limitations of the PS2 helped add character to the original game. Sure, the game plays smoother and looks much better on the remake, but the devs were forced to find ways to make the original games work by doing things like adding fog or bloom to hid the short draw distance. Even the crappy fps added to the uniqueness of he original

ManInRed36d ago

Personally, I think SotC is one of the better remakes they made because at the very least, the colossi's designs and soundtrack were not heavily impacted. In my opinion, I'd rather have the atmosphere look less foggy than to have the soundtrack sound much more generic imo.

Babadook737d ago (Edited 37d ago )


No. Bluepoints (The PS5 version's) visual design is better. I do love the original and give tons of credit to From Soft, but, the remake is a far better game in every way.

ManInRed36d ago (Edited 36d ago )

Yes, but in terms of music, I kinda prefer the original's just for its eeriness, but that's just my opinion. Though saying something like that is pointless since I'm gonna get downvoted regardless of my personal thoughts (I prefer the classic soundtrack but I still think the remake ost is good) lol

SyntheticForm37d ago

I disagree.

From were working with the technology they had at the time and they hit the wall quickly with PS3. What Bluepoint did was polish to perfection, and they had From's blessing, which means that From 'wanted' this.

Now, it's perfectly fine to disagree with some stylistic choices and prefer the mystique and darker aesthetic tone of the original, but these new visuals are crispy, and the sound is fantastic as well.

I do hear you about some of the monsters looking a bit cartoony, but with as detailed as they all are I'm totally onboard.

Got the platinum a few months ago and enjoyed every minute.

ManInRed36d ago

By the sound, you mean the soundtrack or the sound effects? Cause I agree that the latter is much better in the remake. With the former though, is much more depends on your taste. If you prefer the Dark Souls/God of War-style epic rendition of the game's soundtrack, then you might like the remake's. If you prefer the somber and creepy tone of the original, then it's understandable one might not like the remake's tone change with its music score.

Personally, there are some good tracks like Penetrator, Flamelurker, Maiden Astrea, Armored spider (most find it inferior compared to the original but I like it just because it sounds different than the others), and Fool's Idol, but some like Tower Knight kinda lack the memorable rhythm of their classic theme.

frostypants36d ago

I think they wanted it to be a showcase of the PS5s graphical capabilities...which meant de-graying the world to an extent. I agree some of the oppressive atmosphere went with it but damn if it's not pretty.

ManInRed36d ago (Edited 36d ago )

Agreed. I think some of the designs were sacrificed in favor of showcasing the power of the PS5 early on its launch. It's a shame but I don't mind it all that much. Kinda wish the original soundtrack was available as an option though. The remake soundtrack is a bit too epic for my taste. In terms of the sound quality tho, it's much better in the remake. I might even call the combat in the remake much more enjoyable thanks to the quality of life changes (played the original game again on the PS3 and man Shrine of Storm was a pain lol).

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EmperorDalek37d ago

Not everything calls for a top 10 list...

goldwyncq37d ago

The soundtrack in the original is much better suited to the game. They made an effort to have every track sound more epic and grandiose in the remake with little regard for how it fits into the atmosphere and the context of their respective boss fights.

Tiqila37d ago

I'll have to dust off my PS3 to replay this. One of my favourite games (of which there are many on the PS3)

Rangerman120836d ago

Why'd you got downvoted lol Everyone here are seemingly downvoting anyone who likes the original game it seems, despite the fact that Sony stated that they loved the original game.

Psychotica37d ago

One of these days there will be PS5's to try it on.. :(

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