Buy a PS3 get Little Big Planet Free

Co-Optimus writes: "Short and to the point. If you were looking to pull the trigger on a new PlayStation 3, Amazon is hosting a deal that might be right up your alley. You'll get the Uncharted Bundle PlayStation 3 - that's the PS3 with 160GB Hard Drive, Wireless Controller and Uncharted. Plus you'll get a FREE copy of the 4 player co-op title LittleBigPlanet!

Score! Deal ends tonight, so you better hurry!"

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El_Colombiano3695d ago

In before "Sony iz teh despr8! Giv'n free gamz wit 3rD plac cunsul!"

On a serious note, glad to see more people joining the amazing community that is Little Big Planet.

Graphics Whore3695d ago

Amazing deal and two amazing games.