Furukawa talks Nintendo's philosophy behind their characters, need for caution

In a recent interview with Nikkei, Nintendo president Shuntaro Furukawa spoke candidly about his approach to running the company, speaking about influences from past presidents, his philosophy on hardware and more. As part of the interview, he also discussed Nintendo’s philosophy behind their IP and how the company views developing their characters.

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masterfox41d ago

"Q:Mr. (Hiroshi) Yamauchi has said that ‘there is no relation between how fun a game is and how good the hardware is’.
A: Furukawa: That’s something that’s always on my mind. Of course, as the times have changed, some parts of our philosophy must change too."

Maybe there is hope that Nintendo may release a proper game console in the future and not another cheap quality thing, like the one Nintendo released some years ago.

Vanfernal41d ago

Nintendo has no reason for it. With the exception of the Wii, all proper Nintendo consoles after the SNES have been considered commercial failures. They are doing the right thing by sticking to their strength, which is the handheld market.

KingofBandits40d ago

wont happen, Nintendo does not care about chasing cutting edge or even current gen tech and haven't since the GameCube. Why make more expensive/powerful hardware just to "keep up" with PlayStation and Xbox, its proven to be a loosing strategy for them as they really don't have the development chops to back it up. People forget how massive an undertaking it was for them to "tool up" for the Wii U, to get their artists/designers ready for "HD" level textures and effects (Iwata talked about this a long while back).

Eventually (two hardware cycles from now) they will have hardware capable of making a Zelda look like God of War....but they wont because making games like that does not fit into their design aesthetics. Also their fans and biggest market share will still over pay for lower end tech just to play the new games they make (lets face it the Switch is too expensive for what it is). I'm just glad the niche they picked this time around didn't leave us with some stupid gimmick like motion controls giant TV tablets.

Zhipp40d ago

Nintendo will never waste resources on chasing cutting edge graphics like Sony does, but it has nothing to do with what's "easy", nor "development chops." Tooling up for HD was a massive undertaking for every company that had to do it. That wasn't unique to Nintendo.

The two companies just have fundamentally different goals with their games. Sonys are narrative focused. Nintendo's are gameplay focused. Storytelling can benefit from insane levels of fidelity, whereas it really makes no difference from a gameplay standpoint. We will eventually see a Zelda that pushes PS4 level hardware just like God of War did, but it'll be the mechanics, scale, and systems that do it, not the graphical detail.

I also gotta say that there are already mobile chips equaling base ps4 in performance, so it's entirely likely that the next gen Switch will be capable of running God of War.

Zhipp40d ago

I think he's seeing that the Switch is reaching its limit in terms of what can be achieved with the hardware. We've already seen it with the visual compromises that had to be made to pull off the open world in Bowser's Fury. I imagine there are a growing number of game ideas brewing within Nintendo that will require more powerful hardware to pull off.