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Phil writes, "What does one do when they're bored? Maybe do some reading, go out and take a walk, or better yet, perhaps play a video game or two. That's at least what ordinary, everyday people do, but the Devil in Pumpkin Jack? No, no. When he's bored of peace and tranquility on planet Earth, he conjures up some demons and devilry to unleash upon the human race.

When humanity calls upon a sorcerer to contend with the Devil's demons, the Devil in turn calls upon his trusty champion, a conniving villain named Stingy Jack who begrudgingly offers his services to the master of the underworld. This is where our story begins with Jack pursuing the sorcerer, all the while meeting up with a facetious, smart aleck owl, and a talking crow, both assisting Jack on his journey to defeat the sorcerer/wizard/humanity's champion."

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