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Bravely Default II borrows much from the games and franchises that came before it, while still carving out its own identity.

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jznrpg39d ago (Edited 39d ago )

What’s weird to me is : Bravely Second is the direct sequel to Bravely Default but now there is Bravely Default 2 which is also a called a direct sequel (in this article at least) and by name of course but the story isn’t connected to the first 2 games . Maybe they should have went with Bravely Default 2: (insert whatever title that differentiates it from the first two games) It’s just a little confusing but not a big deal

ZeekQuattro39d ago

Just look at me of the Kingdom Hearts titles or Octopath Travallers. Same with the FF Tactics like game they annouced recently. Square has a history of confusing names for many of their games.