Remedy Wants to Solve the Content Treadmill Issue of Co-Op Games

Remedy CEO Tero Virtala hinted that the Vanguard multiplayer project will have to find a way to solve the 'content treadmill' issue in co-op.

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NecrumOddBoy39d ago

Well if you’re going to make me drag the snare and high hat up from the basement...

Magatsuhi39d ago

Well you can take several Qs from warframe. Think I have over 10,000 hours put into that game. Obviously some things should be different if you're going to charge for your game.

RabbitFly39d ago

Warframe is a Great game. It is however extremely reliant on the threadmill that is being referenced here.

So that really makes no sense.

Sophisticated_Chap39d ago (Edited 39d ago )

It never used to be hard to make a good co-op game, but developers have completely forgotten how to not only make a co-op game, but how to make them fun. I still have more fun playing Rainbow Six Vegas 2 and left 4 dead 2, than I do almost any co-op game made in the last 10 years. Even Socom: combined Assault had a better co-op experience than most games of today.

The last half descent co-op experience I had, was when I was playing Ghost Recon; Wildlands, and before that, it was probably Borderlands 1 & 2. Gaming in general is in a really bad spot these days. Everything that comes out is built around farming and grinding for loot. I just don't get how people could be so brain dead to waste their time with games like that, and that includes Destiny, which is the biggest waste of time, yet, somehow, it still exists. I'm sure the lemmings will jump right over to D***Riders when that comes out too.

Hikoran39d ago

Agreed with you right up until the insult at the end. I don't know how people enjoy that grind either but hey man, I can't understand persona games either but that doesn't mean I will insult them!

SenorFartCushion39d ago

I get you. It’s more about bow to trick kids into getting their parents to badger the storefront than in how to design an actual game

CrimsonWing6939d ago

I disagree with you.

The problem isn’t that developers don’t know how to make good co-op games. The problem is publishers trying to replicate the success of the mobile gaming market and transfer that to the console market.

I enjoyed Gears 5 with 4 person co-op, just me and my buddies having fun running through the game. I enjoyed doing co-op in Dark Souls 3 as well.

GaaS games are just fundamentally designed as cheaply as they can in order to sprinkle in content down the road and suck as much money out of the consumer within its lifespan.

I, personally, really enjoyed the Outriders demo while playing with my friends. The game isn’t perfect but it was a lot of fun co-op.

Atom66639d ago

I don't think it's ever been easier to find great coop experiences.

Weeding out what you enjoy may be your actual problem here.

Got to say though, as someone who has logged 1000's of hours in the old R6 games, Seige is by far the better game imo.

But some other great Co op games that come to mind:

Diablo 3
Darksiders Genesis
Deep Rock
Vermintide 2
Killing Floor 2
Dying Light
Far Cry
Monster Hunter

It just depends on what you're into. But there are a lot more options out there than 10 years ago. And all that competition means you can dive into a lot of these games at a low (or no) cost.

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