5 Reasons Why You Should Play Kingdom Hearts When it Releases on PC

KeenGamer: "These 5 reasons should be enough to make you want to play Kingdom Hearts when it finally releases on PC. While the series has legions of dedicated fans on console, non-console players have been starved of the weird and wonderful game series, making now the perfect time to give it a try."

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Vits39d ago

If it was not the high price and the EGS exclusivity. I would agree.

Right now though. Is better to just buy it on consoles (with you have one) or wait for a sale/steam release on PC.

cartoonx138d ago

its better to wait for sale, really not worth such a high price.

Viking_mo38d ago

You're better off playing on consoles to be honest. Paying full price for old games isn't worth it especially kingdom hearts 3 being a let down and confusing as hell

TheRealTedCruz38d ago (Edited 38d ago )

Not when you're scalping PC gamers for 10x the cost you're currently selling the entirety of the series on PS4 for. Tied to the EPIC store, no less.
$250 if you want everything. Really, SE?

Can you say emulation?