Microsoft and ZeniMax deal approved by US Securities and Exchange Commission

The US Securities and Exchange Commission has just accepted Microsoft’s filing for its deal with ZeniMax. The European Commission is the only instance left to approve the acquisition.

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Jericho133736d ago

Was a formality really, they wouldn’t have announced anything without doing their due diligence.

RazzerRedux36d ago (Edited 36d ago )

There was a question of whether the class action lawsuit against Bethesda would halt the process but thankfully it did not.

RazzerRedux36d ago

I say "thankfully" because I don't think class action lawsuits should be able to halt a legal transaction just because some lawyer says so.

annoyedgamer36d ago

In other words: The check cleared.

jukins36d ago

Lol they don't even understand what you mean.

annoyedgamer36d ago

Monopolies always get cleared. The departments tasked with enforcing the anti trust laws are all corrupt. They haven't brought down the axe since the 80s.

dcbronco35d ago

In what way is Microsoft a monopoly in gaming? In what way is Microsoft a monopoly in anything anymore? Most time on computers is spent on phones and that is going to get more slanted even after covid ends because ARM has closed the power gap. And now they're adding radeon graphics to phone chips. Apple and Google control phones. Microsoft definitely doesn't have a monopoly in gaming. Can one of you guys explain the whole monopoly thing.


TheRealTedCruz36d ago

And so begins the next half year long news cycle on just how MS may handle all of Bethesda's, and the devs under their banner's, IP.

Ausbo36d ago

If MS is smart, they will quickly address it so it isn’t an issue going forward

Tedakin36d ago

Or they let gamers and journos continue to breathlessly speculate forever, giving them mountains of free publicity.

aragon36d ago

They’d be stupid to not get on this right away unless they’re dumb enough to say just wait till next e3 and so on

patriz42036d ago

The sooner they address the exclusivity, the sooner I can add the series X next to my PS5. Ultimately Gamepass will be great once they get stuff rolling out! Its a no Brainerd.

dcbronco35d ago

It's already been addressed. Bethesda will continue to operate independently.

MrDead36d ago

When you don't have the talent or creative vision to add to the industry you just take what's already there for yourself

ElementX36d ago

Acquisitions have always been a part of every industry

36d ago
blacktiger36d ago

and that's a problematic whether its sony or any other company

NecrumOddBoy36d ago

This is one of the largest acquisitions of a publisher by a publisher. I think very little will change, other than MS could make a lot of money on Bethesda titles which will most likely be on everything anyway. $7.5 billion is going to take a long time to recoup and Gamepass will not be enough.

CaptainHenry91636d ago

"Gamepass will not be enough."

I have to agree with you on that unless they up the price which I believe they will in the future

RgR36d ago (Edited 36d ago )

Well of course it is...but not so normal for established devs with records and a great record of games.

The point stands...they simply bought out talent that was already part of mainstream for many years just so that they can say they have xy and z.

Who knows when there will actually be a bethesda xbox console exclusive.

They'll claim that starfield and elder scrolls 6 is part of their 1st party lineup but it's not actually their doing in any way.

343_Guilty_Spark36d ago

They've already recouped the 7.5 billion

RazzerRedux36d ago (Edited 36d ago )

"They've already recouped the 7.5 billion"

Microsoft as a whole, yes. The Xbox division, no.

343_Guilty_Spark36d ago (Edited 36d ago )


Xbox is part of Microsoft. Microsoft bought Zenimax not Xbox. So Microsoft has already recouped the 7.5 billion is correct. Xbox can't recoup anything because Xbox didn't buy Zenimax.

You are still wrong.

RazzerRedux35d ago


"Xbox is part of Microsoft. Microsoft bought Zenimax not Xbox. So Microsoft has already recouped the 7.5 billion is correct. Xbox can't recoup anything because Xbox didn't buy Zenimax."

That's all fine, but I was clarifying who "they" were since you were ambiguous about it. I didn't say anything about "who" bought Zenimax so that is irrelevant. I stated a simple fact.

"You are still wrong."

Your own post explicitly said I was right. Microsoft recouped that money, not Xbox. You said it yourself! lol

343_Guilty_Spark35d ago


You didn't clarify anything because everyone - well clearly not you - knows Microsoft and not Xbox bought Bethesda.

You said I was ambiguous yet immediately assumed I was referring to the Xbox Division.

Don't play dumb now.

RazzerRedux35d ago


"You said I was ambiguous yet immediately assumed I was referring to the Xbox Division."

Bullshit. NecrumOddBoy referenced "recouping" that money via Gamepass and a return on their investment in Bethesda.

"$7.5 billion is going to take a long time to recoup and Gamepass will not be enough."

That was what you were responding to and as we all know - well clearly not you - Gamepass hasn't recouped jack shit. So you can pretend all you want that saying "they've already recouped the 7.5 billion" didn't need clarification but you are just lying and you know it.

"You are still wrong."

And you still haven't explained how I was wrong. Your posts are just bullshit all around, aren't they?

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Jericho133736d ago

I didn’t realise Naughty Dog, Insomniac, Sucker Punch, Guerilla Games & Media Molecule were all founded by Sony...

TheRealTedCruz36d ago

Let him be.
He gets cranky if he doesn't get his daily dosage of ragging on MS for one petty reason or another.

DOMination-36d ago

Meanwhile at Sony Japan, ICO, Zipper, Incognito, Evolution and SCE Liverpool...

RgR36d ago

They weren't....but they also weren't anywhere near as popular as they are today.

They were bought early in their studios life and therefore grew and flourished with Sony.

All these other devs that ms is buying grew and flourished without microsoft.

BattleCat36d ago

So than Lets see what games they made without Sony. And let's see what betheshda made before . Maybe all the big hits like doom, skyrim, fallout and so on. Microsoft always went the easy stealing way. Now Microsoft will have a big mouth and try to tell everybody The invented all the games in the last 20 years of Bethesda.)

DaveZero36d ago

The company's may or may not be founded by Sony, but it takes time to collect teams together, something that these Sony fanboys in this thread should and ought to understand. MS made mistakes but they are trying to rectify the mistakes of there past and its unbelievable that some of the FBs troll, troll and troll, when they know full well that those dev teams once made piles of pop and learned from there mistakes, it's why they make some good single player games now.

To me there are still more positives of a MS machine than just SP exclusives, the multiplayer is miles better for a start, theres nothing really between this gens consoles in power and performance. You dont see MS scaling back or getting rid of parts of there infrastructure lately or pulling apart some dev teams lately as Sony are.

From my memory Guerella games when I opened a ps2 was it's own dev team which was bought by Sony later on, I used to play that shooter they had on it, forgot the name but the enemy was the helgast and it was such a laggy game and a spawn raping frag fest.

Kilua36d ago

You completely miss the point. Completely.

MrDead36d ago

Buying and supporting developers is very, very different from taking a publisher.

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King_Noctis36d ago

Do you think it is easy to start up a new dev team and make sure said dev team can create great games? Do you think people with great talents are grown on tree and are just always available for hired?


36d ago
Kavorklestein36d ago

It's so easy! That's why we all have 20 games coming out next week and own 13 Domino's franchises in each state.

Nobody on here is anything but the most intelligent or successful business person of all time.

MrDead36d ago

Learn the difference between publisher and devoper

Atom66636d ago

@ Noctis

And the key word is "team." Having creative and passionate people working together for 3+ years on a single project is all about those relationships. You can't manufacture that through a Help Wanted ad.

@Mr. Dead

Then just imagine that MS acquired each of those 8+ developers separately.

King_Noctis35d ago (Edited 35d ago )

“ Having creative and passionate people working together for 3+ years on a single project is all about those relationships.”

If that the case then why can’t 343 Industries (which comprised of some of the most talented devs out there and is created by MS) create a competent Halo game after so many years? Heck, even older developers like CDPR or Bethesda still make sh*tty games, and they those studios had been created for years.

I think all you can see and want to do is making MS the bad guy, even if you have to ignore the logic that is literally right infront of you.

Atom66635d ago

I was agreeing with you, but ok.

343's downfall has been the lack of cohesion and attentive leadership. So my comment definitely still applies. Not to mention, 343 is not that team that grew from the Marathon and Omni days of Bungie.

CDPR ran into the problem of those people in the big offices upstairs calling the wrong shots. If that hadn't happened, we'd have gotten something quite special (eventually).

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DaveZero36d ago

It gets really tiresome of you guys who feel the need to constantly dig a console dev or devs of a game, instead of just letting them get on with it and see how the road ends.


So when Sony does it what is it called?

RazzerRedux36d ago (Edited 36d ago )

This is an Xbox article so why are you and other Xbox fans bring up Sony?

Kilua36d ago

I see logic is flying out the window in this thread.

When has Sony ever bought out a publisher as big as bethesda, or a publisher with multiple AAA ip that have always traditionally been muliplat?

Imalwaysright36d ago


Because everyone knows who are the people behind these comments and why they're making them.

RazzerRedux35d ago

The first to mention Sony was Xbox fans. Folks like SPEAKxTHExTRUTH whine about that when Sony fans talk about Sony in Xbox articles. But here they are again.

I'm pointing out the hypocrisy, not defending the trolls.

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Tedakin36d ago

Sony bought quite a few of their top devs like Insomniac and Naughty Dog ;)

Kavorklestein36d ago

Oh get over the dumb schtick already.
We get it, MS is Satan.
Anything else?

galmi36d ago

"When you don't have the talent or creative vision to add to the industry you just take what's already there for yourself"

And so??? lmao

alb189936d ago

Why Sony bought the exclusivity of two new titles from Bethesda?
Because they don't have the talent to make dose games?

rakentaja36d ago (Edited 36d ago )

to NecrumOddBoy.

If the trend continues and all upcoming Bethesda games are equally available on other consoles, Phil wouldn't have mentioned the phrase "on a case-by-case basis." Exclusive games are still coming, but only time will tell which games.

cloganart35d ago

my dude really just came in here and deadass said it.

343_Guilty_Spark35d ago


You need a tissue man. This is pathetic

RazzerRedux35d ago (Edited 35d ago )

What's "pathetic" is saying someone is flat-out "wrong" but can't show how because you know you are full of shit. I mean....I pointed out a simple fact and you call it "wrong"? Keep the tissue. You need it more than me.

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DOMination-36d ago

Zenimax pretty much done then. Ubisoft on the way to GamePass in the next few months. EA already there. That is the traditional big three from E3 sorted. Now to try and get Activision on board (N4G may not care but it turns out COD is still a massive deal) and Embracer and things will look very rosey indeed.

MrDead36d ago

Tax dodging tech giants taking entire publishers for themselves is not good, people are obsessed with brand loyalty that they're blind to see the damage this has caused other industries that operate like this.

blacktiger36d ago

NO SHIT! It's called Corporation just buying anything they can sniff, kind of like pedo...

ghostrider3236d ago

Did you just compare acquisitions to pedophilia? No wonder society laughs at the gaming community.

blacktiger36d ago

Microsoft IS one of the elite corporation that gets help with bank and print money and buy aquisition and so on. Sony is not big enough so they are not invited. But they are slave to Microsoft. Anyways have a nice covid day